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In the field of solar energy power generation for solar energy plant managers and investors, precise monitoring of system performance parameters is an absolute priority, both in the brief and long term. For an operating solar plant, the main exogenous limitation to optimal performance is represented by the environmental conditions. Both solar radiations, the basic feedstock of the system, temperatures, influencing performances of its main components, and less-heralded factors such as wind speed and direction concur to generate the environmental conditions determining the potential plant yield against which actual plant performances are measured. Being able to monitor meteorological conditions affecting plant performances, and being able to do it with precision, it’s the only way for the operator to keep investments under control.  Solar power station provides solar PV industry solution. whereas meteoxperts provide all related instrument which makes process easy and effective.

Meteoxperts Solutions presents a turnkey solution for solar monitoring system (SMS), project assessment, and performance monitoring with high-quality measurements with our range of sensors. Our specific measurement and solutions of PV Site solar monitoring determine real-time performance and efficiency with long-term stability. And the output of the system can be easily connected to various data acquisition systems in solar energy projects and meteorological stations.

We provide a complete system, installation, and solution for:

  • Accurate solar radiation measurements
  • Solar Radiation Measurements in PV applications
  • DNI measurements at CPV sites
  • Spectral irradiance portable solutions
  • Spectral DNI Measurements
  • PV Modules performance assessment
  • DHI and GHI Measurements
  • DNI measurements with a Pyrheliometer
  • Measuring spectral irradiance
  • Measure spectral irradiance of the sun simulator
  • Stability monitoring of Sun simulators
  • PV Site Solar monitoring

The application of irradiance monitoring:

  • Generating renewable energy
  • Agriculture, research and the study
  • Photovoltaic microclimate, and more.

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