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Highway road weather station is especially designed for traffic, is a typical and comprehensive road detection station. It focuses on detecting visibility, weather phenomena and road condition , measuring related basic meterology parameters, mainly used for timely detecting abnormal traffic environmental factors & meteorological conditions, providing scientific real-time basis for meteorological services and traffic management department.

Components of Weather Station for the road weather:

Anemometer– Measures wind direction and speed.

Thermometer – Measures atmospheric temperature.

Pyranometer – Measures solar radiation levels from the sun in watts per square meter (used to calculate ‘Evapotranspiration’, the rate at which water evaporates from the soil).

Hygrometer – Measures relative humidity using a percentage measure of water vapor in the air.

Barometer – Measures atmospheric pressure to predict precipitation

Rain Gauge – Measures liquid precipitation using an open container. They usually empty automatically and measure the amount of rainfall over a given time interval.