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We provide an innovative instrument for a specific solution for Hydrological and Geological Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff, Assessing the Risk of Landslides, Control of Rivers Level or Dams, Earthquake, the condition of Earth and Rocks, and Beneath of Earth Surface with Accurate Data of the Current State.

Our device and instruments provide the output page of data for the hydrological station for the study of the river’s water levels, temperature, speed, and direction of streamflow, ice phenomena, and turbidity. Hydrological and Geological stations include the condition of the sea or lake and the weather, color and the transparency of water, the chemical composition at various depths, the study of Luster: Quality of light reflected, color, the hardness of rocks, and magnetism, and more.

Meteoxperts Solutions’ stations and data logger allows the real-time control of measuring data and reliable monitoring as it’s required.