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MeteoRain® 200 Compact

Ø200 cm2 Self Balancing, Self-Emptying Rain Gauge

MeteoRain® 200 Compact uses a self-balancing measuring principle. It offers high resistance to error producting effects as found in most rain gauges. These include soiling of the internal measuring mechanism, mechanical friction, residual water remaining in the measuring spoon from previous rain event, and debris. Additionally, MeteoRain® offers high resistance to vibrations and non-level mounting.


Notable features include:
• Simplicity and reliability
• Multiple mounting options
• Easy to maintain and simple to clean with a removable funnel sieve/sift
• Robust and impact resistant funnel and housing
• Errors from non-level mounting are minimized with the self-balancing design
• Easy adjustment and recalibration of internal measuring mechanism
• Protection of measuring mechanism from contact during wire connections
• High-speed (0.13 s) self-emptying mechanism for high precipitation rate accuracy
• High-dynamic range up to 10 mm/minute (50 tips/minute) rain rates
• Bird-spikes are available. Leaf fence is not required due to self-cleaning funnel.
• Low-profile funnel for easy cleaning with a sharp edge for accuracy

Self-balancing, self-emptying magnetic tipping bucket technology to ensure uninterrupted measurement of precipitation regardless of amount and intensity.
It measures rain by means of a standardized orifice funnel which collects water into the precision measuring mechanism. The mechanism offers more consistent long-term response than any other standard tipping-bucket rain gauge.

Individually tested
Rain gauges are individually tested and use high quality sealed reed switches. Electronics are protected against salt spray, water, frost and heat by a weather-‐resistant coating.

Pluviometer type

Precipitation type: Liquid (Rain)


< ±1% for rain
rates <100mm/hr


< 0.0125 mm
per year


0.1, 0.2, 0.25
mm (0.01”)

Measuring range

Up to 600 mm/hr in above
freezing conditions

Operating range

-40 °C…80 °C

Starting threshold *

+ 0.07 mm (0.0027”) *

Rain orifice area

200 cm2
(Ø 16.0 cm, 6.3”)

Electrical Interface

Magnetic reed switch

Electrical switching speed

0.25 ms

Switching resistance

470 Ω

Max current

10 mA

Max voltage

15 VDC

Surge protection

Transient protection

Tipping bucket speed

0.13 seconds

Shock resistance

15 g