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RG-11 Rain Gauge

Make:  Hydreon    Model:  RG11
✅ The RG-11 includes an RS-232-like connection.
✅ Hydreon uses the connection for development and for unit testing.
✅ It does not respond to data.
✅ Hydreon is not claiming that the connection is standards complaint.
✅ The system is talk-only: the RS-232 connection continuously sends data.

The RG-11 Rain Gauge is a maintenance-free optical rain sensor that can be used for a wide variety of rainfall monitoring and control applications. The Rain Gauge senses water hitting its outside surface using beams of infrared light, which is the same sensing principle used in millions of automotive rain sensing windshield wiper controls. The complete sensor package is about the size of a tennis ball and completely sealed from the environment.

The optical sensing technology overcomes many of the shortcomings of conventional tipping bucket rain gauges. The sensor works in mobile environments, there is no collecting funnel to clog with leaves, and the round shape makes it essentially self-cleaning. While the sensor is not as accurate as a tipping bucket rain gauge, the low cost and compact size of the RG-11 makes it ideal for wet weather notification systems or remote rain gauges where periodic maintenance is not possible.

The RG-11 includes a DIP switch that allows it to be set for the mode of operation that best matches the application. Select from the following modes:


  • Tipping Bucket: Emulates a tipping bucket of the specified size
  • It’s Raining: Turns on the relay to indicate that it is raining when the rainfall has reached a given intensity
  • Condensation Sensor: Detects condensation or frost formation on the surface
  • Wiper Control: Rain sensing wiper control at various speeds
  • Irrigation Control: Rain Gauge output to inhibit watering
  • Drop Detection: Produces a pulse for each drop detected




General Specification



Relay closure, normally open and normally closed contact
Max load 1A, 24 VDC

Operating Environment

-40C to +60C

Power Supply

10-30 VDC or 12-26 VAC , 50V Surge Reverse Polarity Protected to 50V


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