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TB4 Series II Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Make:  Hyquest Solution    Model: TB4 Series II
✅ Long-term stable calibration
✅ Accuracy not affected by rainfall intensity
✅ Minimal maintenance required
✅ Robust design for all environments
✅ Expandability: Optional autonomous real-time rain monitoring and reporting system Rain Trak Undercover with in-built telemetry and logging.

TB4 Series II is a high-quality tipping bucket rain gauge for measuring rainfall in urban and rural locations. Due to the integrated syphon, the gauge delivers high levels of accuracy
across a broad range of rainfall intensities. The tried and proven design of the TB4 Series II ensures long-term, accurate and repeatable results. It is manufactured from
high quality, durable materials ensuring long-term stability in the harshest of environments. It consists of a robust powder-coated aluminium enclosure, a UV-resistant ASA polymer base, a Teflon bucket, and stainless steel fasteners and finger filter.
TB4 Series II provides a finger filter that ensures the collector catch area remains unblocked when leaves, bird droppings and other debris find their way into the catch!

The base incorporates two water outlets at the bottom allowing for water collection and data verification.

Maintenance of the TB4 Series II is easy, because removal of the outer enclosure and access to the tipping bucket mechanism and finger filter assembly is made easy with quick release fasteners. The new more spacious enclosure makes maintenance even easier.



Hyquest Solution


TB4 Series II

General Specification



2.7 kg ,2.2 kg


Ø 282.84 mm x H 410 mm, Ø 200 mm x H 330 mm


Tipping bucket


0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.01 inch

Collector Area

Catch diameter: 282.84 mm, 200 mm


0-250 mm per hour :+/-2 %

Measurement Range

0-700 mm/h (maximum intensit y700 mm/h)

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature: 4 to 70 °C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 100 %


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