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RHD-Rain Sensor

Make: Sommer                                      Model: RHD
✅ The RHD is a low-cost, high precision, ultra-robust rain gauge.
✅ Measurand : Liquid: rain, drizzle/rain, mixed rain/snow, sleet.  Solid: hail.
✅ Sensor Type : RHD sensor.
✅ Signal Output : Analog Output, SDI-12, V1.3 ,RS-232, Modbus RTU (RS485)
✅ Supplied With : Universal mounting kit, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

RHD-Rain Sensor:

Extremely robust and reliable acoustic rain sensor

The RHD is a low-cost, high-precision, and ultra-robust rain sensor. It features very low power consumption, is maintenance-free, and has a completely sealed acoustic detector with no moving parts. The sensing device is a polished stainless steel hemisphere supported by a strong stainless steel arm. It detects changes in the acoustic pressure that are induced by the impact of raindrops or hailstones. The RHD also includes a distrometer that returns the drop size distribution.

It features continuous or pulse analog voltage outputs and supports SDI-12 communication, serial RS232, and Modbus RTU RS485 (using an optional adapter). The full configuration of the sensor can be customized at any time with a Plug-and-Play PC connection or remotely, using serial commands.

The RHD sensor is a low-cost, high precision, ultrarobust rain gauge instrument.
It is a very low-power, maintenance-free and totally sealed acoustic instrument with no mobile parts. The sensing part of the instrument is a polished stainless steel hemisphere supported by a strong stainless steel arm.
The impact of heavy precipitation or hail on the leading edge of wind power turbine blades can reduce the life time of the blade extremely.
Main factors to damage the leading edge are: Speed of the blade, Rain intensity, Droplet size of Rain or Hail.
In order to reduce the erosion of the leading edge of the blade, and save money in the long run, it is important to monitor the precipitation and the droplet size, so the blade can be controlled if necessary.

Fields of application

With its distrometer and hail detection functions, the RHD is a valuable instrument for soil erosion forecasting and precipitation monitoring in agriculture. As this sensor is maintenance-free, it is also suitable for remote weather stations (on and offshore) and scientific research.

Application and features of RHD-Rain Sensor:



✅ Hail detection
✅ Soil erosion forecast
✅ Precipitation monitoring in agriculture
✅ Remote weather stations (on- and offshore)
✅ Scientific research
✅ It is low-cost.
✅ High precision.
✅ Ultra-robust rain sensor.
✅ It is low-power consumption.
✅ It is maintenance-free and has a completely sealed acoustic detector with no moving parts.




General Specification



1.4 kg (without mounting kit)


Dimension (H x W x D): 260 mm x 430 mm x 160 mm (with mounting kit)

Collector Area

Measuring Surface: 160 mm outer diameter hemisphere (402 cm2)

Precipitation Type

Liquid (undifferentiated): rain, drizzle/rain, mixed rain/snow, sleet.
Solid: hail.


Rain Intensity accuracy: 15% at 100% duty-cycle (most global precision and accuracy criteria)
Measurement accuracy (liquid only): A spatially distributed flux of controlled drops of a nominal diameter equal to the center diameter of the class ± 20% produces an output centred in the corresponding class with typically ± 50% of the flux concentrated into the two lateral size classes.
Hail detection: Counting of the number of hailstone impacts up to 5 impacts per second and for hailstone diameter detection threshold of 0.5 cm.

Power Supply

Voltage: 6 V to 30 V DC (9.6 V and 16 V DC in case of powering through the SDI-12 terminals)
Current: < 1 mA in stand-by mode and 20 mA max in acquisition mode. For a typical nominal duty-cycle of 10%: 2.1 mA (20 mA for duty-cycle of 100%).

Operating Environment

Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C,
Relative humidity: 0 to 100%

Protection Level

IP67, survive to 1 m temporary immersion in salt water


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