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MeteoWind® Compact


Make: Barani design                                      Model: MeteoWind® Compact
✅ Compact analog design with high dirt resistance. Faster response than ultrasonic wind sensors & higher data availability.
✅ Measurand : Wind Speed , Wind Direction
✅ Sensor Type : Cup anemometer for wind speed, Vane for wind direction.
✅ Signal Output : Wind speed : Pulse Output, Wind direction: Analog (0 V to 2.5 V)
✅ Supplied With : 5m Cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

MeteoWind® Compact Wind Speed & Direction Sensor:

All WMO measurement criteria are satisfied by a small anemometer and wind direction vane sensor with extremely low power consumption, lightning protection, and no dead spot. intended for NB-IoT, IoT Sigfox, IoT LoRaWAN, and wireless AWOS weather stations.

The elliptical cup shape, which is ideal for most situations, delivers exceptional aerodynamics in a small, affordable form made of anodized aluminum. Excellent dirt and weather resistance for long-term stability and dependability of wind measurement in any setting.

Application and features of MeteoWind® Compact Wind Speed & Direction Sensor:



✅ Wireless AWOS, IoT LoRaWAN, IoT Sigfox, and NB-IoT weather stations.
✅ Meteorological research
✅ Wind energy generation
✅ Aerodynamics
✅ Skydiving
✅ Educational reseacrh
✅ Robust dual-arm reinforced cup design
✅ Replaceable cups for quick and easy service with standard tools
✅ Faster response than ultrasonic wind sensors & higher data availability
✅ Flat elliptical cup shape offers superb snow shedding and very good hail resistance
✅ All-metal anodized-aluminum body and wind vane design
✅ Ultra-low power electronics offer industry’s lowest combined power consumption of less than 50 μA for wind speed and wind direction combined
✅ ESD, EMC & lightning resistant reed switch wind speed sensor with two pulses per revolution
✅ ESD, EMC & lightning protected magnetic wind vane sensor with better than 5° accuracy and 0…2.5 V analog output.
✅ Wide voltage range from 3.2 V to 15 V
✅ Suitable for all wired and wireless installations
✅ Patented design of flat elliptic cups for superb winter snow shedding even without heating
✅ High linearity and accuracy with < 1 m distance constant

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Barani Design


MeteoWind® Compact

Weight (Mass)

210 g


Anemometer rotor diameter = Ø 164 mm, Wind vane radius =111 mm, Total height = 272 mm


Wind speed: Pulse output, switched GND, (20 Ω reed switch).
Recomended current & voltage for long life < 0.5 mA & ≤ 2.5 V. Max allowed 10 mA & 15 V.
Wind direction: Analog 0…2.5 VDC

Power Supply

3.2 V…15 VDC reverse polarity protection

Operating Environment

-40 °C to + 80 °C/ 0 % to 100 % RH

Power Consumption

50 μA (combined wind speed and wind direction)

Patented / Registered

OHIM 002153882-0001, 002153882-0002, 002153882-0003

Protection Level

IP55W (DIN 40050)

Wind Speed

Range: 0-85 m/s gust
Accuracy: < 2 % of measured value (0.3 – 50 m/s) or ±0.05 m/s (4-16 m/s) with MEASNET cal.
Resolution: 0.1 m/s
Sampling rate: 2 pulses per revolution

Wind Direction

Range: 0-360°
Accuracy: 2° (no dead-spot)
Resolution: 1°
Sampling rate: 10 Hz /1 Hz avg. out

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