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Snow Depth Sensor USH-9

Make: Sommer                                      Model: USH-9
✅ It measures the transit time of an ultrasonic signal between a variable surface and the USH-9 sensor, and translates it to a level or distance.
✅ Measurand : Snow Depth.
✅ Sensor Type : Ultrasonic.
✅ Signal Output : RS-485 ASCII / Modbus RTU, SDI-12, 2 Analog outputs.
✅ Supplied With : Sensor cable SQ/USH-9, 10 m , Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

Snow Depth Sensor USH-9:

Continuous water- level and snow depth measurements are very important in water resource management and avalanche risk forecast.
The USH-9 is a continuous measurement device for the contact-free determination of water level and snow depth. It measures the transit time of an ultrasonic signal between a variable surface and the USH-9 sensor, and translates it to a level or distance. An integrated processor compensates the detected signal for temperature and filters interfering reflections of precipitation within the measurement path.
The USH-9 sensor contains an additional feature to sense precipitation and thus offers the option to detect the settling of snow. Therefore, the sensor may also be implemented in observation systems that monitor road conditions.

Precise snow depth measurement by means of ultrasonic technology

The USH-9 is an ultrasonic sensor for the precise, continuous, and non-contact recording of snow depths. The USH-9 is a very suitable system for extreme weather conditions and thus for alpine and high alpine terrain due to its robust design, special ultrasonic head, and extremely low energy consumption.


The snow depth is an important parameter for evaluating the snowpack. It must be measured regularly as the development of the snowpack is subject to strong regional and temporal fluctuations and significantly influenced by actual weather conditions (snow or rainfall, air temperature, wind, etc.). The USH-9 is a non-contact device and therefore does not compromise the snowpack. It can measure depths of up to ten meters continuously, with convenient remote data transmission if needed.

Application and features of Snow Depth Sensor USH-9:



✅ Extreme weather conditions
✅ Alpine and high alpine terrain
✅ Meteorologists
✅ Avalanche warning services
✅ Ski regions
✅ Research stations
✅ The energy sector
✅ Continuous and non-contact measurement
✅ Reliable sensor for extreme environmental conditions and high alpine employment
✅ Robust, sealed and therefore maintenance free ceramic membrane with protective shield against ice and snow
✅ High level of accuracy thanks to the integrated temperature compensation and filtering of snow and rainfall using intelligent spectrum analysis
✅ Energy-saving operation through sleep modus, ideal for solar-powered measuring stations




Weight (Mass)

1.2 kg


Ø180 x 320 mm


RS-485 ASCII / Modbus RTU, SDI-12,
2 Analog outputs 4…20 mA (14 bit, max. load 250 Ω)

Power Supply

9…28 VDC; Reverse voltage protection, overvoltage protection

Power Consumption

Sleep mode: <0.4 mA,
Active measurement: typically 40 mA (max. 300 mA for 0.05 s),
Shield heating (optional): 1 A

Operating Environment

Operating temperature : -40…+60 °C (-40…+140 °F),
Storage temperature : -40…+60 °C (-40…+140 °F)

Measurement Range

0.7…10 m


1 mm


Anodized aluminium

Protection Level

IP 64

Snow Depth

Near blanking distance : 0.7 m
Accuracy : max. ± 1cm; typically 0.1% FS
Non-linearity : ≤0.15%,
Measurement duration : 2…20 s Measurement interval : 20 s…3 h Measurement principle : Ultrasonic (frequency 50 kHz)
Beam aperture : 12°


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