LP PHOT 02 Photometric Probe

Model: LP PHOT 02 Make: Delta OHM

Key Highlights

    * The spectral response curve of a photometric probe is similar to the human eye curve, known as the standard photopic curve. * Measurand: Illuminance. *Sensor Type : Solid State Sensor. *Signal Output : LPPHOT02 – passive LPPHOT02AC – Analog (4…20 mA) LPPHOT02AV – Analog (0…1Vdc, 0…5Vdc or 0…10Vdc) *Supplied with : Connector, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

Category: Lux Sensor

Outdoor photometric probe for illuminance measurement (0–150 Klux), CIE photopic filter, and cosine-corrected diffuser mVdc output for Klux. Accompanied by a calibration report. We can provide 5 or 10 meters of cable with connectors upon request.

LPPHOT02 The probe measures illuminance (lux), defined as the ratio between the luminous flux (lumen) passing through a surface and the surface area (m2).
The spectral response curve of a photometric probe is similar to the human eye curve, known as the standard photopic curve V (). The difference in spectral response between LPPHOT02 and the standard photopic curve V() is calculated using the error f1?.

LPPHOT02 is designed and constructed for outdoor installation for long periods. The photometric measurement for external use measures daylight in climatological and meteorological applications.

The lux meter is produced in three versions:

  • LPPHOT02 – passive (mVdc output for Klux)
  • LPPHOT02AC – active (4…20 mA output, integrated transmitter amplifier)
  • LPPHOT02AV – active (0…1Vdc, 0…5Vdc or 0…10Vdc output to be defined when ordering, integrated transmitter amplifier)

Working principle

LP PHOT 02 probe is based on a solid-state sensor, whose spectral response is corrected by filters to fit the response of the human eye.
LP PHOT 02 is provided with a 50 mm diameter transparent glass dome, to protect the sensor against atmospheric damage.
The cosine corrected response was obtained through the PTFE diffuser and case particular shapes.
The LP PHOT 02 excellent cosine response allows for use even when the sun elevation is low.

Installing and mounting the LP PHOT 02 probe for global radiation measurements:

Before installation, the silica-gel cartridge must be refilled. Silica-gel crystals absorb humidity in the dome chamber and, in case of particular climatic conditions, prevent internal condensation from forming on the dome's inner wall, with a consequent alteration in measurements. Do not wet or touch the instrument with your hands while refilling the silica-gel cartridge.
Carry out the following instructions in a (possibly) dry environment:
1- Loosen the three screws that fi x the white shade disk
2- Unscrew the silica-gel cartridge using a coin
3- Remove the cartridge perforated cap
4- Open the silica-gel sachet (supplied with the lux meter)
5- Fill the cartridge with silica-gel crystals
6- Close the cartridge with its own cap, and check that the sealing O-Ring is in the right position.
7- Screw the cartridge to the lux meter using a coin
8- Make sure the cartridge is tightly screwed (otherwise, silica-gel crystal will last for a shorter time)
9- Position the shade and tighten it with the screws
10- The lux meter is ready for use


*Climatological *Meteorological applications * Research Purpose


*Constructed foroutdoor installation for long periods. *Measuring range:0…150 klux *Typical sensitivity: 0.5…2 mV/klux *Viewing range : 2? sr *Spectral range: Standard photopic curve

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