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Tmodul (Module Temperature Sensor with Platinum Resistance)

Make: Schelt Technology
Model: Tmodule

Safety Instructions
The installation and assembly of electrical equipment must be carried out by electrically qualified persons.
The sensor may not be used with equipment whose direct or indirect purpose is to prevent human death or injury, or whose operation poses a risk to humans, animals or property.

Electrical Connection
The sensors are designed for safety extra-low voltage (SELV) operation.
For keeping the accuracy of the sensor a 4 wire measurement is strongly recommended.
Due to the selfheating, the wire current affects the accuracy of the measurement. Thus, the same should not exceed




Sensor Element

Pt100 Class B as per EN 60751

Sensor Housing

Silicone rubber patch, 40 mm x 13 mm x 5 mm

Sensor Cable

AWG30, Length: 2 m, PTFE coated, 4 wire PTFE coated


appr. 35 g

Operating Condition

-50 to + 150 °C