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STR-21G-S2 Solar Monitoring Systems

Make: Eko                                      Model: STR-21G-S2
✅ The STR-21G-S2 is designed to perform the most accurate solar radiation measurements of the three solar radiation components; Direct, Diffuse and Global.
✅ Measurand : Solar Radiation
✅ Sensor Type : GPS based Sun-Position Sensor.
✅ Signal Output : MS-57 Pyrheliometer-Analog, MS-80S Pyranometer- RS 485 Modbus RTU / SDI-12
✅ Supplied With : 10m Cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

STR-21G-S2 Solar Monitoring Systems:

The STR-21G-S2 Solar Monitoring System is a device designed for monitoring and collecting data from photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems. The system is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar power applications. It is capable of monitoring multiple PV arrays and string inverters, and can collect data on various parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, and temperature.

The system includes a data logger, which is responsible for collecting and storing data from the PV system. This data can be accessed remotely through a web-based interface or by using a data visualization software. The system also includes multiple communication options, such as Ethernet, GPRS, and WiFi, which allows the data to be transferred to a central location for analysis and monitoring.

One of the key features of the STR-21G-S2 is its ability to monitor the performance of individual PV strings. This allows for early detection of any issues such as shading, module mismatch, or inverter failure, which can help to minimize downtime and increase the overall performance of the PV system.

Another important feature of the system is its ability to provide real-time data and alerts. This allows for immediate action to be taken in the event of an issue, such as shutting down a string or module in the case of a high temperature or overvoltage.

Additionally, the STR-21G-S2 can integrate with other monitoring systems, including energy management systems and building automation systems, which can help to further improve the overall performance of the PV system.

Overall, the STR-21G-S2 Solar Monitoring System is a powerful tool for monitoring and optimizing the performance of photovoltaic solar power systems. It’s ability to monitor individual PV strings and provide real-time data and alerts make it a valuable asset in ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of a PV system.

The STR-21G-S2 is designed to perform the most accurate solar radiation measurements of the three solar radiation components: direct, diffuse, and global. Easily integrated into any DAQ system with multiple analog or digital inputs, the STR-21G-S2 features an in-built sun position sensor and GPS receiver for quick and easy set-up.

Based on the STR-21G Sun Tracker with a new shading disc assembly that can be mounted on one arm of the tracker, the system also features the industry-leading Class A MS-80S pyranometer and Class A MS-57 pyrheliometer. Altogether, the STR-21G-S2 is the most “high-end” sensor system for solar energy research. The STR-21G-S2 can also be freely configured to measure the required solar radiation components in the most accurate way, ensuring a cost-effective solution for every application.

In harsh environments, the MS-80S can be paired with the optional MV-01 ventilator and heater, while the MS-57 pyrheliometer features a heated front window, protecting both sensors from condensation and ice for continuous accuracy, whatever the weather.

Application and features STR-21G-S2 Solar Monitoring Systems:



✅ Solar energy monitoring
✅ Meteorological applications
✅ Meteorological research
✅ Integrated sun-position sensor and GPS for quick, easy and accurate setup
✅ Efficient, Cost-Saving, Low Power Consumption
✅ Easy Integration with any DAQ system
✅ Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system, for maximum positioning accuracy
✅ Deployed in Antarctica, proven in extreme climates worldwide




Sun Tracker




Pyranometer (GHI)


Pyranometer Diffuse Irradiance


Shading disk assembly


Top mounting plate


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