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LI-19 Handheld read-out and datalogger

Make:  Eko       Model: LI-19
✅ Universal analog input
✅ High accuracy
✅ USB interface
✅ Internal data memory
✅ Robust design

Irradiance sensors and heat flux sensors are usually read out by data acquisition systems installed in the field or in the laboratory. However, in some projects fast and simple measurement with mobile manual read-out unit is preferred. This can be done with the LI-19 handheld read-out unit and datalogger unit. LI-19 has internal memory and can be configured to store measured data at required intervals. The unit can be connected to a PC via a USB cable to transfer the data or to serve as an amplifier of the sensor signal. Windows software is included.

LI-19 can be used with EKO analog irradiance sensors (pyranometers, LUX-meters, PAR sensors etc.) and heat flux sensors. The sensitivity value of the sensors can be setup via the software.

LI-19 is supplied with a carrying case with space for additional sensors, USB cable and batteries.





Number of Channels


Input range 1

0 – 200 mV

Resolution (µV)

Approx. 1

Measurement accuracy

< 0.1 %


Approx. 2 MΩ

Data storage Internal memory

3518 samples

Power supply

3 VDC (2 x AA batteries)

Battery life

600 hours

Operating temperature range

-10 to 40 °C




2 AA (penlight) alkaline