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Total Rain Weighing Sensor TRwS x2y Series

Make: MPS System      Model: TRwS x2y Series
✅ Measuring solid and liquid precipitation
✅ No blocking
✅ Minimal maintenance
✅ High precision
✅ Communication: SDI12 / MODBUS / USB (service app) Bluetooth Low Energy (MPS system AiO app)

TRwS is the most sensitive and very accurate rain gauge. Simple mechanical construction together with very sophisticated firmware can guarantee perfect performance. TRwS is available with collecting areas of 200cm2, 400cm2 and 500cm2.

TRwS x2y series application:
– Hydrology
– Meteorology
– Environment
– Agriculture


MPS System


TRwS x2y Series


8kg / 9.5kg


ø360 × 540mm / ø385 × 610mm / ø360 × 380mm

Collector Area

Measurement Surface: 200 / 400 / 500cm2


Output Contact (1/0.1/0.01mm): Umax=30V, Imax=300mA

Measurement Range

750(1500) / 750 / 250mm


Accuracy absolute: ±0.1%


0.001mm / 0.01mm

Power Supply

External Power supply: 5 to 30 VDC
Internal Power supply: 2.4 to 3.6VDC (LTO Battery)

Power Consumption

2.5/7 : 5/4 : 12/1.2 : 24/0.5( V/mA)
Rim Heating Modes: Off / On / On if temperature below treshold / On if temperature below treshold and raining

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature Range-40 to 70°C
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 100%
Heating: 60W / 2.5A @ 24V
Wind Shield: Tretyakov
Ambient Air Temperature: Pt1000

Precipitation Intensity

Maximum rain intensity:120mm/min

Protection Level