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Hygro Thermo Baro Transmitter Compact

Make: Thies Clima                                      Model:
✅ It is a versatile and reliable tool for capturing meteorological data with a digital RS485 interface, multiple outputs, and a replaceable hygro-thermo module and integrated pressure senso
✅ Measurand : Temperature, Humidity and barometric pressure.
✅ Sensor Type : Pt-1000, capacitive
✅ Signal Output : RS 485 HD; 0 … 1 V; 0 … 10 V; 4 … 20 mA
✅ Supplied With : Connection cable 5.0 m , Factory test/ Calibration Certificates

Hygro Thermo Baro Transmitter Compact:

Hygro Thermo Baro Transmitter Compact Sensor is designed to be used in meteorological measuring stations and is capable of connecting to data logger systems. Its universal interface allows for its use in various applications, making it a versatile solution for your needs.

The device features a digital RS485 interface in half duplex mode, which enables the operation of the sensors in a bus system. The interface is ID-based, making communication with the device simple and efficient. Two data protocols are available: ASCII (THIES format) and Binary (MODBUS-RTU).

In addition to its digital interface, the transmitters with article numbers 1.1006.54.x4x and 1.1006.54.x6x have three analogue outputs, which can be configured as either a current or voltage output. The digital output can be used alongside the analogue outputs, giving you a range of options for data transfer.

The sensor is equipped with an integrated pressure sensor and a replaceable hygro-thermo module for capturing air temperature and relative humidity. The module and pressure sensor are calibrated and adjusted in the factory, ensuring their reliability and accuracy. The PT1000 measuring element is used for temperature measurement.

For outdoor installation, the use of a weather- and thermal radiation shield (Order no.: 1.1025.55 xxx) or a forced ventilation weather and radiation protection (Order no. 1.1025.80.101) is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

In conclusion, the Hygro Thermo Baro Transmitter Compact Sensor offers a digital interface and multiple outputs, making it a flexible and efficient solution for your needs. Its replaceable hygro-thermo module and integrated pressure sensor make it a reliable tool for capturing important meteorological data.


Thies clima


Weight (Mass)

aprox. 0.45 kg


Ø 20 x 166 … 200 mm – type dependent

Operating Environment

-40 … +85 °C, 0 … 100 rel. humidity, including condensation


RS 485 HD; 0 … 1 V; 0 … 10 V; 4 … 20 mA

Protection Level

IP 67 (applies to the total sensor)

Relative Humidity

Measuring range: 0 … 100 % rel. Humidity
Accuracy: Typ. ± 1,5 % r. H. @ 25 °C and 80 % r. H. , 1,5 % r. H. over the complete measuring range


Measuring range -40 … +85 °C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C @ -40 … +85 °C @ moved air > 2 m/s

Air pressure

Measuring range 300 … 1200 hPa
Accuracy ± 0.25 hPa @ -20 … +80°C @ 800 … 1100 hPa, ± 0.50 hPa @ -20 … +80°C @ 600 … 800 hPa


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