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Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 – TMR

Make: Thies Clima                                      Model: 4.3151.00.001 – TMR- Heated
✅ The wind direction transmitter serves for the detection of the horizontal wind direction in the field of meteorology and the technology of environmental protection.
✅ Measurand : Wind Direction.
✅ Sensor Type :  Wind Vane
✅ Signal Output : Digital (16bit serial synchronous)
✅ Supplied With : Connector , Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 – TMR:

TMR sensors use the tunneling effect of electrons to detect changes in magnetic fields, which results in a higher sensitivity and better accuracy than other types of magnetic sensors. This makes the Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 an ideal choice for applications where precise wind direction measurements are required.

In addition to its high accuracy and precision, the Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 also offers a wide measurement range, with the ability to detect wind direction . It also has a high response rate, which allows it to quickly adjust to changes in wind direction.

The sensor is designed to be easy to install and maintain, with a compact size and a lightweight construction. It has a built-in temperature compensation feature which help it to minimize the errors due to temperature changes. This unit also can be connected to a variety of data loggers, weather stations and other monitoring systems via a standard analog voltage output or RS485 Modbus digital output.

Overall, the Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 is an advanced wind vane sensor that offers high accuracy and precision, robust construction, and a wide measurement range. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including meteorology, renewable energy, and air quality monitoring.

The measuring value is available at the output as a digital signal. The output signal can be transmitted to display instruments, recording instruments, and data loggers as well as to process control systems. For winter operation the instrument ( is equipped with electronically regulated heating.

Application and features of Thies First Class: 4.3151.00.001 – TMR:



✅ Storm Spotting and Chasing
✅ Boating, Remote Control Aircraft, Golf, Etc
✅ Weather monitoring and forecasting
✅ Protection of Property
✅ Wind turbine
✅ High measurement accuracy and resolution
✅ High damping with small distance constant
✅ low starting value
✅ Low power consumption
✅ Simple mounting

Thies Clima


4.3151.00.001 – TMR

Weight (Mass)

0.7 kg


Ø 450 x 410 mm


Output : 16bit serial synchronous, Output-Code : Thies Gray Code 10bit
Electrical output : Data (out), Clock I (Data (out) max. = 10 mA, Power- On delay 5 sec

Power Supply

Electrical supply (Vcc) :- Vcc : 3.3 …42 V DC, Icc : < 1.4 mA in standby, Icc : ≈ 2.5 mA 10Hz query rate
Electrical supply for heating :- 24 V AC/DC, 45 … 65Hz (galvanically isolated from housing)., Pmax = 25 W

Operating Environment

-50 … +80 °C All occurring situations of rel. humidity incl. dew moistening.

Protection Level

IP 55

Mast Diameter

Mounting on mast 1 “ (DIN EN 10255; 1“= Ø 33.4 mm),
Remark: mounting on mast 1½ “ is possible with separate adapter (option).
Ø 35 x 25 mm

Wind Speed

Range: 0 … 360 °
Resolution: 0.35 °
Accuracy ±0.75 °


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