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Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 – TMR

Make: Thies Clima                                      Model: 4.3129.70.701 – TMR
✅ The wind direction transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal wind direction.
✅ Measurand : Wind Direction
✅ Sensor Type : Wind Vane
✅ Signal Output : Digital (10 bit serial-synchronous)
✅ Supplied With : Connector, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 – TMR:

The Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 is a wind vane sensor manufactured by Thies. A wind vane, also known as a weather vane, is a device that is used to measure the direction of the wind. It consists of a shaft with a fin or vane attached to the top, which aligns itself with the wind direction, and a sensor at the base that detects the rotation of the shaft and converts it into an electrical signal that can be read by a weather station or other monitoring system.

The Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 is a compact and lightweight wind vane sensor that is designed for use in a variety of applications. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable measurements of wind direction even in harsh weather conditions.

This device is equipped with TMR (Tunnel Magnetoresistance) sensor technology, which provides high accuracy and stability. TMR sensors use the tunneling effect of electrons to detect changes in magnetic fields, resulting in a higher sensitivity and better accuracy than other types of magnetic sensors. This makes the Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 an ideal choice for applications where precise wind direction measurements are required, such as weather monitoring and wind energy assessment.

The Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 wind vane sensor offers high accuracy and precision with a resolution of 0.35°, and an accuracy of ± 1,5°. It has a wide measurement range, able to detect wind direction and has a high response rate, which allows it to quickly adjust to changes in wind direction.

This wind vane sensor is also designed to be easy to install and maintain. It has a compact and lightweight construction, and can be connected to a variety of data loggers, weather stations and other monitoring systems via a standard analog voltage output. The sensor also has a built-in temperature compensation feature which helps to minimize errors due to temperature changes.

In summary, The Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 is a reliable and precise wind vane sensor, suitable for a variety of applications. The TMR technology and high accuracy and precision makes it a suitable option for professional use, and its easy installation and maintenance make it convenient to use. It’s robust construction, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and ability to be connected to various data loggers or monitoring systems, making it a versatile device.

The wind direction transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal wind direction. The measuring values are output as electrical digital signals, for ex. for processing or storing. An electronically-regulated heating system has been installed optionally for wintertime use to prevent blocking of the gap between the external rotation parts by ice aggregation.

Application and features of Thies Compact: 4.3129.70.701 – TMR:



✅ Storm Spotting and Chasing
✅ Boating, Remote Control Aircraft, Golf, Etc
✅ Weather monitoring and forecasting
✅ Protection of Property
✅ Wind turbine
✅ Measurement range: 0…360°
✅ Dead band: without north gap
✅ Output: 10-bit serial-synchronous Gray-code (with amplitude Upp = Vcc)
✅ Resolution: 0.35°
✅ Accuracy: ±1.5°
✅ Measurement principle: magnetic
✅ Power Supply: 3.3 … 30 V DC or 24 V AC
✅ Survival speed: max. 80m/s (≥ 30min)
✅ Ambient operating temperatures: -40°C … 70°C
✅ Mounting: to a thread PG21 or boring with D=29mm
✅ IP 55

Thies Clima


4.3129.70.701 – TMR

Weight (Mass)

0.4 kg


Ø 65 x 212 mm


Output : 10 bit serial-synchronous, Output data : (amplitude) Upp = Vcc
Electr. Output : Output signal loadable (max.) : ULow = 0 / UHeight ≈ UB (unloaded) 10 mA

Power Supply

3.3 … 30 V DC or 24 V AC

Operating Environment

– 40 °C…+ 70 °C

Protection Level

IP 55

Mast Diameter

For ex. onto mast tube receptacle thread PG 21 or boring ∅ 29 mm

Wind Speed

Range: 0…360°
Resolution: 0.35°
Accuracy: ± 1,5°


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