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SN-522-SS Modbus Net Radiometer

Make:  Apogee     Model: SN-522-SS
✅ Onboard A/D Conversion and Modbus Output
✅ Four-component Net Radiometer
✅ Individually Heated Radiometers
✅ Compact and Light Weight

Apogee Instruments’ new four-component net radiometer provides individual measurement of net radiation components. The sensor features a Modbus RS-232 or RS-485 output, eliminating the need for multiple analog channels to measure the individual components of net radiation. The net radiometer comes as a complete package that includes net radiometer, mounting rod, pigtail lead cable for datalogger interface, and carrying case.

Onboard A/D Conversion and Modbus Output
Apogee net radiometers feature onboard A/D conversion and Modbus output to eliminate the requirement of multiple analog datalogger channels.

Four-component Net Radiometer
An upward-looking and downward-looking pyranometer, and an upward-looking and downward-looking pyrgeometer provide separate measurements of the four components of net radiation.

Individually Heated Radiometers
Each radiometer includes an individual heater to increase accuracy by minimizing the influence of dew/frost on the filter.

Compact and Light Weight
Designed to be light weight and small in size to facilitate easy mounting.





General Specification


Weight (Mass)

320 g (with mounting rod and 5 m of lead wire)


116 mm length, 45 mm width, 66 mm height



Power Supply

Current Draw (12 V DC Supply Voltage) Heaters on: 72 mA; Heaters off: 13.5 mA
Input Voltage Range: 5.5 to 24 V DC (heaters are optimized to run at 12 V DC)

Response Time

It takes 750 ms to digitize all detector signals

Operating Environment

-50 to 80 C; 0 to 100 % relative humidity


4 years against defects in materials and workmanship


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