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LPNET14 – 4-Component Net-Radiometer

Make:  Delta Ohm      Model: LPNET14
✅ LPNET14 is a 4-component net-radiometer for the measurement of the net radiation.
✅ Measurand : Net Radiation.
✅ Sensor Type : Thermopile sensor.
✅  Supplied with : Shaft, birds spike, 5 recharges of dessicant sachets, levelling device and Factory test/ Calibration Certificates, cables with 8-pole M12 female connector.

LPNET14 is a 4-component net-radiometer for the measurement of the net radiation between 0.3 μm and 45 μm.

The net-radiometer consists of two pyranometers (one for the measurement of the global radiation Esw↓ and the other one for the measurement of the reflected solar radiation Esw↑ ) and a pair of pyrgeometers (one for the measurement of the infrared radiation emitted by the sky EFIR↓ and the other one for the infrared emitted by the ground surface EFIR↑).

The LPNET14 is equipped with a temperature sensor (NTC). The measurement of the temperature is needed for the measurement with the two pyrgeometers, in fact, the far infrared is derived by measuring the thermopile output and by the knowledge of the instrument’s temperature.

The net radiometer is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions and requires little maintenance.


Delta ohm



General Specification


Measuring Range

Pyranometer Measuring range: 0 ÷ 2000 W/m2
Pyrgeometer Measuring range: -300 ÷ +300 W/m2

Field of view

Pyranometer Field of view: 2π sr
Pyrgeometer Viewing field: 160°

Spectral Range

Pyranometer Spectral range (dome transmission): 300 nm ÷ 2800 nm (50%), 335 nm ÷ 2200 nm (95%)
Pyrgeometer Spectral range (silicon window transmission): 4.5 μm ÷ 45 μm (50%)

Operating Environment

Pyranometer Working temperature: -40 °C ÷ 80 °C
Pyrgeometer Working temperature: -40 °C ÷ 80 °C


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