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SN-500-SS: Net Radiometer

Make: Apogee                                      Model: SN-500-SS
✅ Four-component net radiometer provides individual measurement of net radiation components.
✅ Measurand : Net Radiation.
✅ Sensor Type : Thermophile Sensor
✅ Signal Output : Digital (SDI-12)
✅ Supplied With : 5 m of lead wire cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

SN-500-SS: Net Radiometer:

Apogee Instruments’ new four-component net radiometer provides individual measurements of net radiation components. The sensor features an SDI-12 output, eliminating the need for multiple analog channels to measure the individual components of net radiation. The net radiometer comes in a complete package that includes the net radiometer, mounting rod, pigtail lead cable for the datalogger interface, and carrying case.

Onboard A/D Conversion and SDI-12 Output
Apogee Net radiometers feature onboard A/D conversion and SDI-12 output to eliminate the requirement for multiple analog datalogger channels.

Four-component Net Radiometer
An upward-looking and downward-looking pyranometer and an upward-looking and downward-looking pyrgeometer provide separate measurements of the four components of net radiation.

Individually Heated Radiometers
Each radiometer includes an individual heater to increase accuracy by minimizing the influence of dew or frost on the filter.

Compact and Light Weight
Designed to be lightweight and compact in order to facilitate easy installation.

Key Points:

  • Net radiation is a key variable in the surface energy balance and influences turbulent fluxes, including evapotranspiration.
  • It includes measurements on flux towers and weather stations.
  • An onboard 24-bit analog-to-digital converter makes measurements and provides a digital SDI-12 output.
  • This eliminates the need for multiple analog datalogger channels to measure each of the four components of net radiation.
  • Measure all four components of net radiation with a digital output that saves datalogger channels.
  • Comparable accuracy to industry leading competition in long-term field testing.
  • The small lightweight design enables easy mounting to a cross arm using the AM-500 mounting bracket that facilitates precision leveling.
  • Each sensor includes a 0.2 W heater to minimize errors from dew, frost, rain, and snow that can block the radiation path.

Application and features of SN-500-SS: Net Radiometer:



✅ Solar PV Plant
✅ Climate change monitoring
✅ Weather Research
✅ Measurement of energy balance
✅ Onboard A/D Conversion and SDI-12 Output.
✅ Four-component Net Radiometer.
✅ Individually Heated Radiometers.
✅ Compact and Light Weight.




Weight (Mass)

320 g (with mounting rod and 5 m of lead wire)


116 mm length, 45 mm width, 66 mm height


Output Type: SDI-12

Power Supply

Supply Voltage: 12 V DC Supply Voltage
Current Draw : Heaters on, communication enabled: 63 mA ;Heaters off, communication enabled: 1.5 mA;Heaters off, communication disabled: 0.6 mA
Input Voltage Range: 5.5 to 24 V DC (heaters are optimized to run at 12 V DC)

Response Time

1 s (SDI-12 data transfer rate; detector response times are 0.5 sec)

Operating Environment

-50 to +80 C; 0 to 100 % relative humidity


4 years against defects in materials and workmanship


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