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MS-40 Albedometer


Make: Eko (Japan)

Model: MS-40 Albedometer

  • ISO 9060:2018 Class C (Second class)
  • Sub-category “Spectrally flat”
  • Analog output
  • ISO 17025 certified calibration
  • Optional ventilator MV-01
  • 5 year warranty

MS-40 Albedometer consists of two MS-40 pyranometers and a special albedo kit with a glare screen to measure albedo in routine applications.

It is used in solar power projects with bi-facial PV modules and in meteorological applications.

The MS-40 is an ISO 9060:2018 Class C pyranometer which is based on the EKO’s universal sensor platform. It is the most cost-effective irradiance sensor to measure Solar irradiance across the full Solar spectrum. It can be used for agro meteorological networks and professional small scale PV sites where solar radiation is taken seriously.

The MS-40 albedometers are manufactured in a consistent way followed by strict quality inspection and performance evaluation. EKO provides a unique calibration compliant to the international standards defined by ISO/IEC17025/9847.

The sensor has a 5 year warranty with a 2 years re-calibration interval recommended and it is no longer necessary to change the desiccant.


Eko (Japan)


MS-40 Albedometer

ISO 9060:2018

Class C

ISO 9060:1990

(Second Class)

Sub-category "Spectrally flat"


Sub-category "Fast response"

Not Compliant


Analog (mV)

Response time 95%

< 18 Sec.

Zero off-set a) 200W/m²

+/- 12 W/m²

Zero off-set b) 5K/hr

+/- 5 W/m²

Complete zero off-set c)

+/- 17 W/m²

Non-stability change/1 years

+/- 1.5 %

Non-linearity at 1000W/m²

+/- 1 %

Directional response at 1000W/m²

+/- 20 W/m²

Spectral error

+/- 0.2 %

Temperature response -10°C to 40°C

+/- 3 %

Temperature response -20°C to 50°C

+/- 4 %

Tilt response at 1000W/m²

+/- 1 %


Approx. 10 µV/W/m²


100 Ω

Operating temperature range

-40 – 80 °C

Irradiance range

0 – 2000 W/m²

Wavelength range

285 – 3000 nm (50% points)

Ingress protection IP


Cable length

10 m