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STR-32G Sun Trackers

Make: Eko                                      Model: STR-32G
✅ The heavy-duty double-arm STR-32G Sun Tracker is the same size as other STR series sun trackers, but can tackle higher torque and x4 the load without compromising precision and performance.
✅ Measurand : Spectral Global, Diffuse and Direct.
✅ Sensor Type : Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system.
✅ Signal Output : RS-232 serial interface .
✅ Supplied With : 10m  Cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

STR-32G Sun Trackers:

A Sun Tracker, also known as a solar tracker, is a device that is used to orient a solar panel or mirror towards the sun in order to maximize the amount of solar energy that can be captured. The STR-32G is a specific model of sun tracker manufactured by a company called Sun Tracking Solutions.

Sun trackers are particularly useful for applications where high energy efficiency is a priority, such as large-scale solar power generation and solar-thermal power systems. The STR-32G is designed to track the sun’s movement across the sky, and keep the solar panel or mirror it is attached to pointed directly at the sun at all times. This allows the system to capture more energy than a fixed-panel system, which can lead to significant increases in overall energy output.

The STR-32G is designed to be a high-performance sun tracker that can be used in a wide range of applications. It features a 32-panel array and is capable of tracking both single-axis and dual-axis systems. The STR-32G has been engineered for high-precision and high-accuracy tracking, and features a robust and durable design that is built to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. The system has built-in safety features and monitoring capabilities that can help ensure that it is operating correctly and efficiently at all times.

Overall, the STR-32G Sun Tracker from Sun Tracking Solutions is a highly advanced and reliable solar tracking system that is well-suited for a wide range of solar energy applications. With its high-performance tracking capabilities and robust design, this system can help organizations increase their energy efficiency and reduce their overall energy costs. It’s a good solution if you looking for high power, high precision and durability.

The heavy-duty Sun Tracker STR-32G completes the extensive EKO Sun Tracker range and is capable of taking the highest load without compromising precision or performance. Similar to the STR-21G/22G, it features a fully automated set-up procedure through a GPS receiver, providing increased reliability and enhanced functionality. Even though the capacity load of the STR-32G is approximately four times more, the size hasn’t changed, making it perfectly suited to support all kinds of Global, Diffuse, and Direct Radiation measurement sensors and spectroradiometers. Besides the standard EKO sensor mounts, various mounting options are available.

The STR-32G Sun-Tracker guarantees accurate sun tracking and pointing of the attached solar sensors from sunrise to sunset. The 2-axis tracker automatically adjusts to the sun’s position by the sun sensor closed-loop control system, even if the tracker is not oriented or leveled correctly.

Delivered as standard with a mounting flange, the TRP-100 tripod is an optional extra. The 24 VDC low-power consumption tracker can be powered by a solar-powered battery system or DC power supply. A wide range AC power adapters can be supplied to connect to the grid.

For over 20 years, clients who have deployed STR sun-trackers have enjoyed easy set-up, smooth operation, and reliable tracking.

Application and features of STR-32G Sun Trackers:



✅ Meteorological research
✅ Solar energy monitoring
✅ Environmental monitoring
✅ Solar PV Plant
✅ High torque and load (60N⋅m/60kg)
✅ Power consumption less than 20W
✅ RS-232 serial interface for position control
✅ All-Weather Tracking with Integrated GPS Receiver & 4-Quadrant Sun Sensor
✅ Quick, Easy, Fully Automated Setup
✅ Easy Integration with any DAQ system
✅ Harmonic Drive® mechanical gear system, for maximum positioning accuracy
✅ Deployed in Antarctica, proven in extreme climates worldwide






Pointing accuracy Solar elevation: 0 to 87°

< 0.01 °

Angle resolution

0.0036 °

Rotation angle Zenith

-15 to +95 °

Rotation angle Azimuth

0 to 360 °


60 Nm

Payload side arms

60 kg

Sun sensor FOV

30 °

Ingress protection IP


Operating Temperature Range

-40 to +50°C


RS-422 / 232C

Power Consumption

< 15W


Stepper motor

Driving technology

Harmonic drive®

Tracking mode

Solar position / Free positioning


TRP-100 (optional)

Pyrheliometer mount

Adjustable / One position

Cable length

10 m


15 kg

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