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AcTrack-02 Solar Tracker

Make: Schelt Technology                                      Model: AcTrack-02
✅ AcTrack-02 is a double axis tracker is used to measure the direct solar radiation.
✅ Measurand : Solar Radiation.
✅ Sensor Type : Solar Tracker
✅ Supplied With : 10m cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates

AcTrack-02 Solar Tracker:

AcTrack-02 is a type of solar tracker that is used to optimize the energy output of photovoltaic (PV) panels by tracking the movement of the sun across the sky. The device consists of two main components: the solar panel mount and the tracking mechanism. The solar panel mount is designed to securely hold one or more PV panels in place, while the tracking mechanism uses a set of sensors and actuators to adjust the orientation of the mount to follow the movement of the sun.

The AcTrack-02 utilizes a two-axis tracking system, which means that it can adjust the tilt and azimuth of the PV panels to follow the sun’s movement in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This allows the tracker to optimize the amount of sunlight that reaches the PV panels throughout the day, resulting in a significant increase in energy production compared to fixed-mount systems.

The tracker also has a built-in control system that includes a set of sensors, such as a solar sensor and a wind sensor, to monitor the sun’s position and the wind conditions. The control system uses this information to adjust the orientation of the PV panels in real-time to optimize energy production.

The AcTrack-02 also has a high degree of reliability and robustness, being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is also relatively easy to install and maintain, which makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial solar power systems.

In summary, AcTrack-02 is a 2-axis solar tracking system that is used to optimize the energy production of PV panels by tracking the movement of the sun across the sky. The system has a built-in control system and a set of sensors that monitor the sun’s position and wind conditions to adjust the orientation of the PV panels in real-time. The tracker is reliable and robust and easy to install and maintain making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial solar power systems.

AcTrack-01 is a double-axis tracker used to measure direct solar radiation. The Sun trackers are all-weather, reliable and affordable tracking and positioning instruments. It has the function of automatically tracking the sun and monitoring the direct radiation of the sun.


  • It is not easy to keep track of the sun constantly, accurately, and reliably under any weather conditions, so it is necessary to strictly abide by the operating rules.
  • Monthly work should check the tracking situation and timely (on-the-spot) adjustments.

Application and features of AcTrack-02 Solar Tracker:



✅ PV power plant’s Solar Radiation Monitoring
✅ Meteorological Monitoring System
✅ Agriculture and Forestry
✅ Solar Power Generation
✅ Large-Scale Project
✅ Meteorological Science and Research
✅ High precision: It has the highest precision and response speed.
✅ Self-contained deviation compensation: The standard four-quadrant sun sensor can compensate for geometric positioning deviation, making the measurement more accurate.
✅ Automatic positioning: It has its own GPS receiver, which automatically sets the position coordinates and time information, so that it can accurately align with the sun.
✅ Aim at the sun at all times: When the sun is blocked by clouds, etc., the tracker accurately aligns the running path of the sun by calculating; when the sun appears, the direct meter is aimed at the sun at any time.
✅ Flexible operation: You can completely control or monitor the running status of the tracker through PC commands.
✅ Maintenance-free: It has the most advanced power transmission device in China, which can be maintenance-free for a long time; due to the use of no power belt transmission, the system will not be too tight or loose due to changes in ambient temperature and cannot work normally.
✅ High adaptability: all-weather, high stability.

Schelt Technology



Operating Temperature

-10℃ to +45℃

Operating Humidity

0-100% RH

Power Supply


Power Polarity

Red +DC12V black 0

Cable Length

5m or 10m (As per requirement)

Driving principle

Gear reduction drive

Electric machine

Stepper motor

Tracking mode

Sun-sensor active mode, Calculation passive mode automatic selection

Pointing accuracy

<0.1° (active tracking, sun sensor required), <0.5° (passive tracking, GPS calculation)

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