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AcTrack-02 Solar Tracker

Make:  Schelt Technology     Model:  AcTrack-02
✅ High precision
✅ Flexible operation
✅ Self-contained deviation compensation
✅ Automatic positioning
✅ Aim at the sun at all times
✅ High adaptability


AcTrack-02 is a double axis tracker is used to measure the direct solar radiation. The Sun trackers are all-weather, reliable and affordable tracking and positioning instruments. It has the function of automatically tracking the sun and monitoring the direct radiation of the sun.


  • It is not easy to keep track of the sun constantly, accurately and reliably under any weather conditions, so it is necessary to strictly abide by the operating rules.
  • Monthly work should check the tracking situation, timely adjustment (on the spot).


  • PV power plant’s Solar Radiation Monitoring
  • Meteorological Monitoring System
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Large-Scale Project
  • Meteorological Science and Research
Key Points:
  • High precision: It has the highest precision and response speed.
  • Self-contained deviation compensation: The standard four-quadrant sun sensor can compensate for geometric positioning deviation, making the measurement more accurate.
  • Automatic positioning: It has its own GPS receiver, which automatically sets the position coordinates and time information, so that it can accurately align with the sun.
  • Aim at the sun at all times: When the sun is blocked by clouds, etc., the tracker accurately aligns the running path of the sun by calculating; when the sun appears, the direct meter is aimed at the sun at any time.
  • Flexible operation: You can completely control or monitor the running status of the tracker through PC commands.
  • Maintenance-free: It has the most advanced power transmission device in China, which can be maintenance-free for a long time; due to the use of no power belt transmission, the system will not be too tight or loose due to changes in ambient temperature and cannot work normally.
  • High adaptability: all-weather, high stability.

Schelt Technology



Operating Temperature

-10℃ to +45℃

Operating Humidity

0-100% RH

Power Supply


Power Polarity

Red +DC12V black 0

Cable Length

5m or 10m (As per requirement)

Driving principle

gear reduction drive

Electric machine

stepper motor

tracking mode

Sun-sensor active mode,
Calculation passive mode automatic selection

Pointing accuracy

<0.1° (active tracking, sun sensor required)
<0.5° (passive tracking, GPS calculation)