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MeteoLaser LiDAR

Mobile measurement for a wide range of applications

The MeteoLaser LiDAR accurately measures horizontal and vertical wind speeds and directions up to 300 meters. It measures humidity and pressure weather parameters through the PTH sensor module.

The MeteoLaser LiDAR can be used in wind resource assessment in the early stages of a wind project development, in micro-siting of wind farms, power performance of wind turbine, continuous wind measurement, offshore wind measurement systems and many other places where mobile wind measurements are required.


Type of LiDAR

Pulsed Doppler LiDAR

Number of laser beams

4 laser beams (N, E, S, W)

Angle of laser beam

28° to vertical

Measurement range

40 to 300 m

Measurement heights

12 heights

Measurement cycle duration

~0,8 s per beam,
~3,2 s for 4 beams

Accuracy horizontal wind speed

0.1 m/s *

Wind speed range

0 to 80 m/s

Accuracy wind direction

1° *

Power supply requirements

18 to 32 V DC /
93 to 263 V AC (50-60 Hz)

Operating temperature range

-40° C to 60° C

Humidity range

-0 % to 100 % RH

Protection level

IP 54 (external system),
IP 67 (internal unit)

Safety standards

Class 1M IEC/EN 60825-1

Hardware interface

4G-Router, Ethernet,
Laptop connection, USB for

Data format (compressed)

10 minutes files CSV files
1 second data CSV files

User interface for remote access

Ammonit Connect (SSH reverse Tunnel)

Data transfer protocols

Emails, FTP and SCP, SFTP from Ammonit OR

Data cloud

Ammonit OR Datacloud

Classification IEC 61400-12-1

Available in January 2022

IEC verification

Available on option

Factory report against golden LiDAR

Delivered with Factory report (included)
with 1 wind speed bin


Length x width x height



without packaging

45 kg

with packaging

76 kg