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TP32MTT.03 & 03.1 Probes for soil thermal profile measurement

Make:  Delta Ohm     Model: TP32MTT.03 & TP32MTT.03.1
✅ Temperature measurement at 7 levels (TP32MTT.03) or 6 levels (TP32MTT.03.1) used is Agriculture ,Geothermic studies
✅ Measurand: Soil Temperature
✅ Sensor Type: Pt100 1/3 DIN
✅ Signal Output: RS485 digital output
✅ Supplied With: Factory test/ Calibration Certificates..

The temperature probe TP32MTT.03 is equipped with seven Pt100 1/3 DIN sensors for measuring the temperature at the depth of: +5 cm, 0, -5 cm, -10 cm, -20 cm, -50 cm, -1 m with respect to the ground level, according to the WMO indications.

The temperature probe TP32MTT.03.1 is equipped with six Pt100 1/3 DIN sensors for measuring the temperature at the depth of: +5 cm, 0, -5 cm, -10 cm, -20 cm, -50 cm with respect to the ground level. The fibreglass tube ensures a perfect impermeability and a high thermal isolation along the terminal axis.

Digital RS485 output with MODBUS-RTU protocol. 8-pole M12 male connector. 6…30 Vdc power supply. It can be connected to the RS485 port of the HD32MT.1 or the HD32MT.3 data logger.

Key Points:

  • In accordance with the requirements of the World
  • Meteorological Organization
  • RS485 digital output with MODBUS-RTU protocol
  • Accurate and stable measure over time
  • Degree of protection IP 68
  • Minimal invasiveness in the soil


  • Agriculture
  • Geothermic studies

Delta Ohm


TP32MTT.03 & TP32MTT.03.1


Pt100 1/3 DIN


0.01 °C


± 0.1 °C @ 0 °C

Working Temperature

Stem: -40…+125 °C
Hand grip: -40…+85 °C

Temperature Drift

0.003 %/°C @ 20 °C

Power Supply

6…30 Vdc


5 mA @ 12 Vdc


RS485 with MODBUS-RTU protocol


8-pole M12 male connector


Optional, with 8 poles with length of 2, 5 or 10 m (to be defined at the order) with open wires at the end.

Protection Degree

IP 68