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SDS 200 Sunshine Recorder

Make: Schelt Technology

Model: SDS-200


The Sunshine Sensor functions by comparing sunlight to shadow, when the ratio exceeds a predetermined threshold, the sun is deemed to be shining and the counter will count up one every 36 seconds (0.01 hour).
The Sensor is designed to be mounted on a mast. The mast should be sited where trees, buildings etc. will not cause a shadow at any time of day throughout the year.
The Sensor is best mounted on the top of a mast above any aerials etc and pointed approximately South (North in the Southern hemisphere) to avoid shadows.



  • External Sun Duration Sensor
  • 4 Core Cable.
  • 12V DC Adaptor
  •  Control Box (Optional)


The control box for our hobbyist version of our Sun Shine sensor has just the right amount of features you’ll need to monitor sun duration.
On the outside it has been kept simple for ease of use. On one end you’ll find the DC power socket and also a 3.5mm jack socket for connecting to the counter wall display. The other end has holes for the sensor cable entry and another for using the ‘Aux’ output if required.


The display can be mounted in one of two ways. Either via the holes in its base, which are 105mm apart and 5mm in diameter
The display can be DIN rail mounted.
Instromet is able to offer DIN rail in 50cm and 100cm lengths. This option is ideal if you are considering expanding the system with others in the Instromet range, allowing them all to be mounted together uniformly.

DIN rail part numbers:
50cm – 30532/02
100cm – 30532/01


The sun sensor display utilizes three main screens which constantly switch between themselves. The first screen is the Time / Date screen the second is the counter display screen and the third screen shows the first and last times sun was received by the outdoor sensor.


Schelt Technology