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SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

  • No Drift or Recalibration
  • Accurate Snow Depth Measurement
  • Independent Settable Zero & Span
  • Temperature Compensated Output
  • Digital output: RS232/485, SDI-12
  • 50 KHz Electrostatic Transducer
  • Compact Design
  • DIP Settings for easy and quick set-up
  • Excellent Receive Sensitivity
  • Can be triggered or externally or internally

The SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor is a complete system in one compact package. In fact, the SL300 Snow Depth Sensor contains an ultra-sensitive electrostatic transducer and also the supporting circuitry. That’s why it provides a 0 to +2.5 or 0 to +5 VDC output with independent zero and adjustments over the whole operating range of detection 1.5’ – 32’.

Furthermore, The Felix Technology Inc SL300 Depth Sensor is a low-cost solution for remotely measuring water levels or snow depth.

To illustrate, the sensor measures the distance between the sensor and a target. Specifically, the sensor measures the time required for an ultrasonic pulse to travel from and to the surface.

To properly the distance; there is an integrated digital temperature sensor inside a solar radiation shield which makes it possible to have an air temperature measurement.

The state-of-the-art SL300 Depth Sensor features an extensive range of features and advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Distance Range

0.45 – 10.00 m


± 0.1% up to 6.00 m and ± 0.2% above 6.00 m

Analog Output

0 to +2.5/5 VDC