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SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

Make: Felix                                      Model: SL300
✅ The SL300 ultrasonic snow depth sensor, The sensor is designed to work in the extreme conditions where the measurement of snow depth is likely to be required.
✅ Measurand: Snow depth
✅ Sensor Type: Ultrasonic
✅ Signal Output: Analog Output (0 to +2.5/5 VDC), Optional Digital output (RS485/422)
✅ Supplied With: Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor:

It is a compact and advanced technology designed to measure the depth of snow with accuracy and precision. This system contains a highly sensitive electrostatic transducer, which is supported by the necessary circuitry to provide a 0 to +5 or 0 to +2.5 VDC output. The zero and span adjustments can be independently adjusted over the entire operating range of detection, which ranges from 1.5 to 20 feet.

At the heart of the SL300 is a piezoelectric crystal that converts electrical pulses into sound energy. This energy travels in the form of waves at a constant speed and frequency through the medium (air). The sensor emits ultrasound waves in bursts and receives the echoes back at the transducer. The instrument then measures the time it takes for the bursts to travel down to the reflecting surface and return, which is proportional to the distance from the transducer to the surface.

To ensure accurate measurement even in extreme conditions, the SL300 contains a temperature sensor to compensate for changes in operating temperature. This temperature compensation ensures that the speed of sound, which varies with temperature, is accounted for and accurate level measurements are obtained.

The SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor is designed to work in challenging conditions, where accurate measurement of snow depth is essential. The unit is mounted facing down to the ground, and the sensor to ground height is determined before any snow falls. As snow accumulates, the sensor measures the rise and fall in surface height.

Felix Technology has overcome the limitations of accurate snow depth measurement with its SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor. Using Hi-Tec electronics and intelligent algorithms, the SL300 provides precise and reliable results, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs to measure snow depth with accuracy.

Application and features of SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor:



✅ Meteorological Research
✅ Hydro-meteorology
✅ Snow Monitoring
✅ Microclimate monitoring
✅ 50 KHz Electrostatic Transducers
✅ Compact Design
✅ Range: 1.5’ – 32.0’
✅ Can be Triggered Internally or Externally
✅ Analog Output: 0 to +2.5/5 VDC
✅ Excellent Receive Sensitivity
✅ Optional Digital output
✅ DIP Switch Range Settings for Quick and Easy Set-up
✅ Independent Settable Zero & Span
✅ Analog Output Temperature Compensated
✅ Accurate Snow Depth Measurement
✅ No Drift or Recalibration




General Specification


Weight (Mass)



L: 21cm, ϕ: 13cm


Output Voltage (Analog) : 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 2.5 VDC,
Output Current (maximum) : 2 mA

Power Supply

8 to 24 VDC (Max 65mA)

Operating Environment

-40 to +65° C

Measurement Range

0.45 – 10.00 m (1.5’ – 32.0’)




Enclosure Material : Aluminum,
Transducer Open Face Material : Parylene Coated 304, Stainless Steel

Protection Level


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