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ML-020S-I Lux Sensor


Make: Eko                                      Model: ML-020S-I
✅ The ML-020S-I Lux Sensor is an all-weather device with a customised detector sensitivity for indoor low light level or outdoor high light level applications.
✅ Measurand : Solar radiation and illumination distributions.
✅ Sensor Type : Indoor Luxmeter Sensor.
✅ Signal Output : Analog (0~30mV).
✅ Supplied With : 5m Cable, Instruction Manual, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

ML-020S-I Lux Sensor:

Small sensor ML-020 series are all-weather type compact sensors which are developed for measuring solar radiation and artificial sun light in various wavelengths depending on the measurement purpose. Although these are small sensors, they use collector which is specially designed to improve the cosine response and increase the sensitivity; by the combinations of filter and photodiode for measurement purpose, 3 types of sensors are developed.

The ML-020S-I illuminance sensor is an outdoor, all-weather sensor with a customized detector sensitivity that is best suited for applications requiring low inside light levels or high outdoor light levels. The built-in interference filter replicates the CIE photopic curve in combination with the detector spectral response and provides a calibrated output in lux (lx).

The MS-4-20 mA converter makes it simple to convert the sensor’s low output voltage to a 4-20 mA current or greater voltage. The operational range of the mV/mA converter may be preprogrammed and optimized to work with common measuring tools.

The ML-020S-I is frequently used in professional applications for regulating or monitoring industrial processes along with the MS-020S-O Lux Sensor.

Main Features

1. Excellent Characteristics

By the combination of special filter and the sensor, the Small Sensor ML-020 Series have spectral response closer to the ideal spectral response. The temperature dependency is also within the range of 1% maximum.

2. Small and Light Weight

The sensors are very small in size and weight (φ22x33mm, 65g), which is convenient for carrying and suitable for taking measurements of irradiance and illumination distributions.

3. All-Weather Use

The sensors can be used in all weather conditions allowing taking continuous and stable measurements.

Application and features of ML-020S-I Lux Sensor:



✅ Agriculture
✅ Regulating or monitoring industrial processes
✅ Research Purpose
✅ Fast Response time (10 ms)
✅ CIE Photopic Response
✅ Glass dome plus diffusor optics
✅ Low-temperature dependency
✅ Suitable for indoor & outdoor measurements




General Specification



Sensor Only: 65g, With Mounting Plate: 475g


Sensor Only: φ22 x 33mm, With Mounting Plate : φ80 x 51mm

Measuring range

0 – 30000 Lx


0 – 30000 μV (0~30mV)



Operating Temperature

-10 to +50 °C

Temperature Response

Temperature response (-10~+50℃) (Approx.): 1%


5m (Optional 10m, 30m, 50m)

Leveling Plate

Sensor Mounting Screws (M2x6mm, 3pcs & extra 3pcs for spare)
Leveling Screws(Bolts: M5x20mm, 3pcs)
Fixing bolts (Bolts: M6x50mm, 2pcs, Washers: M6, 4pcs, Nuts: M6, 2pcs)

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