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MS-720 Handheld Spectroradiometer

  • Poratble reference measurements UV – VIS – NIR
  • High optical resolution
  • Made for indoor and outdoor solar research
  • Robust design no moving parts
  • Displays Irradiance – Luminance – PAR

Make: Eko



The MS-720 portable spectroradiometer is designed to measure the spectral irradiance in the range from Visible to Near-Infrared. The MS-720 is mainly used for the data acquisition for geological features, vegetation, oceanography, remote sensing and other applications. MS-720 is a handheld sensor with an integrated LCD and an internal memory, therefore it is suitable for outdoor stand-alone measurements. A small-sized stable grating spectrometer with photodiode array is integrated.  The data can be simply downloaded to a PC by using the MS-720 control software. Several scientific functions are incorporated (e.g calculate the integrated irradiance of a measured spectrum against a reference spectrum).

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 197 cm
Wavelength range

350 – 1050 nm (50% points)

Optical resolution FWHM

< 10 nm

Wavelength accuracy

< 0.3 nm

Temperature response 0°C to 40°C

+/- 5 %

Field of View FOV

180 °

Stray light

< 0.15 %

Measurement time

0.005 – 5 s

Data storage



RS-232C / USB

Power supply

AA battery x 4

Operating temperature range

-10 – 40 °C

Power supply (Power Adapter)

100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz


Analysis software


Microsoft Windows 7/8/9/10


Display and analyze data



45 °/25 °/10 °