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MS-11S UVB Radiometer

Make:  Eko    Model:  MS-11S UVB
✅ NIST Standard Lamp Traceable.
✅ EKO Universal Sensor Design.
✅ 2 Year Warranty & Recommended Recalibration Interval.
✅ Smart 4-channel Analog & Digital Interface.
✅ Level A EMI/EMC electronics surge filter & protection.
✅ Internal Diagnostics for temperature, tilt & roll.

The UV spectral range is subdivided into two bands: UV-A and UV-B. In contrast to the traditional technology used in UV-radiometers, the MS-10S (315-400 nm) and MS-11S (280-315 nm) have an outstanding stability and measurement repeatability in harsh UV applications. The two UV-radiometer series with Smart technology provide multiple outputs and embedded sensors for remote performance diagnostics. Body-temperature, relative- humidity and tilt-angle can be permanently monitored through the digital interface (Modbus 485 or SDI-12).

Similar to all EKO pyranometers, the UV-radiometer models are based on the compact and light-weight universal EKO sensor platform which offers several benefits. All sensors can be easily combined with the MV-01 ventilation/heater for accurate UV measurement in harsh outdoor environments.

Different Smart radiometer models now can be used within the same sensor network in any application for material testing, medical research or industrial monitoring field
All UV-radiometers are spectrally characterized and calibrated against a NIST traceable standard lamp. This way the UV-radiometers can accurately measure the UV-A and UV-B integrated irradiance independently from the Solar spectral conditions outdoors.





General Specification


Size and Weight

⌀96 x 101H, 0.4 kg

Operating Condition

Modbus 485 RTU, SDI-12, 4-20 mA, or 0-1 V (100 Ω)

Power Consumption

< 0.2 W

Measurement Range

0 to 10 W/m²

Temperature response

< 1 %

Spectral range

280 – 315 nm

Spectral Error

< 20 %

Directional response

< 1 %

Response time 95%

< 0.2 Sec


< 1 %