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Ceilometer CHM 15k-NIMBUS

Make:  Lufft                             Model: CHM 15k-NIMBUS
✅ Measuring range up to 15 km (50,000 ft), optimized detection of several cloud layers, simple eye-safe operation, service-friendly modular device design, various data telegrams including raw data.
✅ Measurand: Aerosol backscatter profile, cloud base height, cloud penetration depth, aerosol layer height, cloud cover, vertical visibility, Sky Condition Index
✅ Sensor Type: Optical (LIDAR)
✅ Signal Output: RS485, LAN, RS232 oder Modem V.21, V22
✅ Supplied With: 10 Meter standard cable, Factory test/ Calibration certificate
✅ Article number: 8350.00, 8350.01 incl. 8350.MOD, 8350.10, 8350.03

Ceilometer CHM 15k-NIMBUS

Introducing the Lufft Ceilometer: A Precision Instrument for Measuring Cloud Heights and Aerosol Concentration (Ceilometer CHM 15k-NIMBUS)

A ceilometer is an essential device for measuring cloud heights and aerosol concentration in the atmosphere. The Lufft ceilometer uses the latest single-wavelength, backscatter Lidar technology to deliver highly accurate and reliable results. This cutting-edge technology makes the Lufft ceilometer the perfect choice for meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, and aviation professionals who need to make precise measurements of the atmosphere.

With a measuring range of 0 m to 10 km (0 to 32,808 ft) for the CHM 8k and 15 km (49,212 ft) for the CHM 15k, the Lufft ceilometer provides cloud base heights, cloud penetration depths, aerosol layer heights, vertical visibility, and the sky condition index. The double-walled housing combined with an integrated fan and automatic heating system ensures reliable protection against misting, precipitation, freezing, or overheating. The high sensitivity of the ceilometer results in exact results, even at any time of the day or night.

One of the key features of the Lufft ceilometer is its use of long-life laser sources, filters with narrow bandwidth, and highly sensitive photo-detectors. These components ensure reliable and accurate results, making the Lufft ceilometer the perfect tool for critical measurements. Additionally, the CHM 8k and CHM 15k are equipped with an integrated controller that offers a fully embedded real-time calculation of all target parameters. This feature makes it easier to get the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Lufft also offers comfortable user web interfaces for data monitoring, making it easier to keep track of your measurements and access your data. Whether you are working in the field, in a laboratory, or in an office, the Lufft ceilometer provides the flexibility and versatility you need to make precise measurements.

In conclusion, the Lufft ceilometer is the ideal tool for anyone who needs to make precise measurements of the atmosphere. Its cutting-edge technology, reliable protection against environmental conditions, and user-friendly interfaces make it the perfect choice for meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, and aviation professionals. Invest in the Lufft ceilometer today and experience the benefits of precise, reliable, and accurate measurements.

Application and features of Ceilometer CHM 15k-NIMBUS:



✅ Weather services
✅ ASOS systems,aviation market
✅ EPA/ Universities: Environmental studies of fine dust, mixing layer
✅ Renewable energy market
✅ Solar energy (cloud cover)
✅ Wind energy (cloud base)
✅ Low false alarm rate and high probability of cloud detection under all weather conditions.
✅ Rugged housing
✅ Service-friendly operation
✅ Easy installation
✅ Self-diagnostics
✅ High accuracy and simultaneous measurement of several parameters
✅ In-field performance test with dedicated Cloud Height Simulator device





5 … 15,000 m (16 … 50.000 ft)

Range resolution

5, 10, 15 m


Greater of ±5 m (±16 ft) or ±0.2%


Standard interfaces: RS485 (ASCII communication), LAN (Web-Interface, (S-)FTP, NetTools)
Optional interfaces: DSL modem, RS232 for service

Power Supply

230 VAC or 115 VAC, ±10 %


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