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MS-711 Spectroradiometer

Make:  Eko    Model:  MS-711
✅ Robust design, made for the most accurate solar spectral data outdoors.
✅ Measurand: Solar Irradiance
✅ Sensor Type:
✅ Signal Output:
✅ Supplied With: 10 m cable

A unique all-weather sensor, the MS-711 features a temperature-controlled detector, ensuring optimum performance in hot and cold conditions ranging from -10 to 50°C.

Measuring the spectral range from 300nm to 1100nm (UV-Visible-NIR), the MS-711 comes with NIST traceable calibration, a calibration uncertainty budget, and is compatible with EKO STR-Series sun trackers.

The MS-711 can be set up in an albedometer configuration for measuring spectral albedo in bifacial PV installations and is part of both the WISER I system, covering the spectral range from 300nm to 1700nm (UV-VIS-NIR), and the WISER II system covering 98% of the integrated solar-terrestrial spectrum, from 300nm to 2500nm.

The new generation grating and rugged optical design of the diffusor and input optics in the MS-711 make it superior to any fiber-optic based spectroradiometer by eliminating common issues with mechanical vibration and handling; ideal for permanent installation or as a travelling reference.

The MS-711 has a separate power supply and can be controlled through RS232 / 422 via a PC or data logger. EKO also provides software options for device and data management and visualisation.

EKO Spectroradiometers deliver top-tier spectral measurements and detail about energy distribution (W/m2/nm), essential for effective PV or CPV cell research and performance analysis.





General Specification


Wavelength Range

300 – 1100 nm (50% points)

Optical Resolution FWHM

< 7 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

+/- 0.2 nm

Operating Condition

Operating temperature range : -10 to 50 °C
Power supply operating conditions : -10 to 40°C / 0 to 90 %RH

Field of View FOV

180 °


RS-422 / 232C


4.5 kg
Power supply weight : 1 kg

Power Supply

12VDC, 50VA
Power supply (Power Adapter) : 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

50 W

Dimensions (mm)

220 (D) x 197 (H)
Power supply dimension (mm) : 320 (W) x 240 (D) x 80 (H)


Analysis software WSDAc


Microsoft Windows 7/8/9/10


Display and analyze data

Temperature Response

< 2 %

Temperature Control

25 °C

Exposure Time

10 – 5000 msec

Dome Material


Protection Level


Cable Length

10 m