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MS-321LR Sky Scanner

Make:  Eko    Model:  MS-321LR
✅ x2 highly sensitive detectors.
✅ Automatic Irradiance and Illuminance measurement.
✅ Hemisphere capture in x145 sequential steps.
✅ Active shutter function to block direct radiation.
✅ Two-axis tracker positioner.

The MS-321LR Sky Scanner is designed to measure luminance (kcd/m2) and radiance values (W/m2/sr) based on the CIE108-1994 recommendation (CIE – International Commission on Illumination, IDMP – International Daylight Measurement Program).

Even in low light and diffuse skies, the two highly sensitive detectors deliver integrated values over the full hemisphere, automatically blocking direct radiation with the active shutter function.

The sensor, attached to a tracker positioner with two-axis control with a viewing angle of x11 degrees, captures the hemisphere in x145 sequential steps. The precise tracking mechanism is durable and supports repeatability in all conditions.

The MS-321LR Sky Scanner is predominantly used to study diffuse sky radiation contributions, an important parameter for building automation, design, daylight software modelling and light pollution research.

The advanced software control functions of the MS-321LR also offer users the flexibility to export data for research analysis and other applications.





General Specification




Luminance Range

< 50 kcd/m2

Irradiance Range

< 300 W/m2

Sky Scanning Time 145 points

< 4.5 min.

Operating Condition

-40 – 50 °C


RS-422 / 232C

Power Supply

100 to 240 VAC, 20W

Dimension (mm)

430 (W) x 380 (L) x 440 (H)


12.5 kg

Protection Level


Cable Length

10 m/20 m