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LS-100 Spectroradiometer

  • Measures spectral irradiance 350 to 1100nm
  • Calculates the integrated irradiance in the specified spectral range
  • Calculates the spectral coincidence (JIS C 8912)
  • Calculates the difference and ratio compared to the standard data

The LS-100 grating spectroradiometer is specifically designed for measuring the spectral irradiance of solar simulators which are used in solar cell research. The LS-100 is calibrated against a NIST-traceable standard lamp. It is compact and very easy to operate. The LS-100 is controlled by a PC via an RS232C cable, so that data can be automatically obtained using the operating software. The measurement/analysis software offers advanced functionalities in order to process the obtained data.

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 197 cm
Wavelength range

350 – 1100 nm (50% points)

Optical resolution FWHM

10 nm

Wavelength accuracy

< 3 nm

Operating temperature range

0 – 40 °C




1.8 kg

Power supply

DC12V, 0.8A

Power consumption

10 W

Dimensions (mm)

50 (W) x 250 (D) x 150 (H)


Analysis software WSDAc


Microsoft Windows 7/8/9/10


Display and analyze data

Field of View FOV

30 °