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ASI-16 Basic All Sky Imager


Make:  Lufft                                        Model: ASI-16 Basic
✅ The ASI-16 is used for measurement of cloud cover, sky temperature and cloud parameter measurement.
✅ Measurand : Cloud cover, Sky temperature
✅ Sensor Type : 5MP CMOS Camera with 180 field view
✅ Signal output : LAN Interface
✅ Supplied With : 10m Cable, Factory test/Calibration certificates
✅ Additional Accessories: Ventilator and heater unit, External TRH sensor, Find Cloud software (Trinity)

ASI-16 Basic All-Sky Imager:

An automated full-sky camera system with a 180° field of view is the ASI-16 Basic All-Sky Imager. It offers high-resolution photos in the form of a live video stream as well as pre-scheduled network-stored JPGs. Even in broad sunshine, the ASI-16 can capture crisp, full-hemispheric images of the sky. EKO offers the 5 MP camera created by Schreder CMS globally.

Cloud coverage and cloud categorization may be analyzed for PV evaluation applications using the optional Find Clouds program. Two ASI-16 cameras with the accompanying Cloud Base Height (CBH) software can be used to measure cloud base height. The CBH program enables real-time cloud height assessment. To handle time-synchronized pictures from two sky imagers and local data, a stereoscopic approach is used (latitude, longitude, and elevation).

Its camera hardware features a robust coated quartz glass dome, 180°/360° fisheye optics, about 4-Megapixle resolution sensor with superb image quality, and an IR-cut filter avoid degradation of the sensor by long time direct exposure to the sun disk.
The ASI imaging software presents life stream videos via a user friendly web GUI, captures prescheduled all sky JPG pictures, and automatically transfers those JPGs to a network file storage via standard protocols (TCP/IP, FTP, File Share, HTTP). In case of network or network file storage down, the imager will temporarily backup JPG’s on the built-in 4 GB CF memory, and will restart transfers as soon as the network is up again.
The ASI-16/50 comes with built-in ventilation and up to 60W airflow heating, to minimize condensation on the glass dome and to quickly remove eventual raindrops and snow. The system has been tested for harsh environments from -40°C up to more than +50°C air temperature. Its double-cover design combined with its forced ventilation will minimize the risk of damages because of long time exposures to very strong direct sun radiation.

The ASI-16’s basic model lacks an integrated ventilation and warming system.

Application and features of ASI-16 Basic All Sky Imager:



✅ Remote sensing
✅ Weather and cloud observations
✅ Atmospheric research,
✅ Supervision systems,
✅ Aircraft-based observation systems
✅ MP Fisheye Camera
✅ Real-time video & picture stream, up to 2-10 f/sec
✅ Cloud Base Height (CBH) & Cloud Motion Functions



ASI-16 Basic





Field Of View FOV

180 °



Operating Condition

-25 to +50°C

Power Supply

PoE 48V

Cable Length

10 m

Power Consumption

15 W

Dimension (mm)

ø200 x 210


Web browser / Trinity for Windows 7 to 10

Cloud Base Height Software

Cloud base height (2 x ASI-16 required)

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