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Surge and Discharge Isolator

Surge and Discharge Isolator:

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a semi-crystalline, highly molecular thermoplastic that exhibits outstanding dimensional and thermal stability, high stiffness, and low friction values. This polymer’s unique qualities include its high toughness down to -40 °C, high abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, high heat resistance, good sliding properties, good electrical and dielectric properties, as well as its low water absorption. In many situations, this polymer can even replace metal.

Application and features of Surge and Discharge Isolator:



✅ Fits WindSensor P2546A-OPR and P2546C-OPR anemometers. ✅ Fits booms with a minimum diameter of 22.5mm and a maximum diameter of 22.5mm.Inner diameter: 29 mm
✅ Surge protection
✅ Discharge protection.
✅ Sensor galvanic separation from boom and mast structure
✅ Durable POM thermoplastic.
✅ UV resistant


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