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Snow Pack Analyser SPA-2

Make:   Sommer                                      Model:  SPA-2
✅ The SPA sensor measures the specific volume contents of liquid water and ice in the snow pack.
✅ Masurand : Snow depth, Snow water equivalent (SWE), Snow density, Liquid water content and ice content.
✅ Sensor Type : Ultrasonic.
✅ Signal Output : RS 485 / SDI-12; various ASCII formats
✅ Supplied With: Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

Snow Pack Analyser SPA-2:

Measuring The Snow Pack Parameters With The Spa-2

The SPA-2 system is a powerful tool for recording all important parameters of the snowpack. It allows for the automatic and continuous measurement of snow parameters, including snow water equivalent (SWE), snow density, liquid water content, ice content, and snow depth. This information is essential for recognizing and analyzing the snow-melting processes at an early stage.

Features and advantages

Automatically records the snow parameters for detailed analysis Energy-efficient operation through sleep mode, perfect for solar-powered measuring stations Customizable system configuration for complete snow pack or specific snow profile depths Measures the progress of snowmelt and predicts the water quantities from the snowpack

Fields Of Application

The SPA-2 system is widely used by hydrologists, avalanche warning services, scientists, companies operating hydropower stations, flood protection authorities, businesses in water management, the agricultural sector, and mining companies. The information provided by the SPA-2 about snow density, liquid water content, and snow water equivalent makes it a valuable measuring instrument.

Installation and measuring principle

The SPA-2 station can be operated autonomously using solar power, and the mast and frame are set up on level ground. The weather and UV-resistant sensor band penetrates the snow and measures the volumetric content of ice, water and air in the snow pack using impedance analysis. The snow depth measurements are taken by the reliable ultrasonic snow depth sensor USH-8. Additional data storage and remote transmission equipment can be provided in a weatherproof control cabinet upon request. With its user-friendly control interface, connecting analogue sensors has become easier, and data outputs are now available via RS 485 or SDI-12 interface.

Application and features of Snow Pack Analyser SPA-2:



✅ Water supply and management
✅ Hydropower plants
✅ Flood prevention authorities
✅ Agriculture, mining
✅ Hydrology
✅ Alpine communities, skiing resorts
✅ Research facilities
✅ Recording of the snow parameters
✅ Sensor integration via RS 485 or SDI-12 interface
✅ Energy-saving sensor operation
✅ Comfortable parametrisation
✅ Information about SWE, snow density, liquid water and ice content





6360 mm x 1100 mm x 3700 mm (L x W x H),
SPA Sensor:- Length horizontal strap: 4.8 m,
Sloping strap: 4.8 m (standard), resp. 6.7 m, Width: 60 mm


RS 485 / SDI-12; various ASCII formats

Power Supply

Supply voltage: 9 … 15 VDC reverse voltage protection, overvoltage protection

Power Consumption

Active: 65 mA (sleep-mode: 1 mA)

Measurement Range

Snow depth: 0 … 2.5 m, 0 … 5 m,
SWE (mm of water): 0 … 1000 mm, H2O 0 … 3000 mm H2O,
Density: 0 … 1000 kg/m³,
Volumetric water content: 0 … 100 %,
Volumetric ice content: 0 … 100 %

Operating Environment

-35 … +60°C


Weatherproof, UV resistant sensor strap, reinforced with Kevlar cords


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