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MP-410 MPPT Electronic Load

Make:  Eko     Model: MP-410
✅ MPPT for PV module performance rating
✅ Uninterrupted PV module power rating under variable solar conditions
✅ PV module Life time testing under Maximum power conditions

The MP-410 MPPT Electronic Load is designed for continuous performance evaluation of single PV modules up to 300W.

Utilising an advanced MPP tracking method, the MP-410 provides uninterrupted information about the maximum performance operating point of a connected module, automatically regulating and monitoring the PV module power when exposed to solar irradiance or a sun simulator. An effective alternative to regular I-V tracers, the MP-410 is perfect for rating PV modules under variable weather conditions.

Current and voltage (I & V) output can also be measured independently using external shunt resistors combined with an additional data logger or measurement device. Working with the MP-160 I-V tracer system, the MP-410 supports long-term performance and potential ageing effect monitoring at the module level by maintaining the MPPT between two I-V measurements.





Measurement range Voltage

5 – 200 V

Measurement range Current

0.01 – 10 A

Measurement range Power

0 – 300 W

Operating temperature range

0 – 40 °C

Power supply

100 – 240 VAC, 12V / 1A

Dimensions mm

323 (W) x 188 (D) x 51 (H)


2 kg

Input channels #


Max. devices #