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MP-410 MPPT Electronic Load

  • MPPT for PV module performance rating
  • Uninterrupted PV module power rating under variable solar conditions
  • PV module Life time testing under Maximum power conditions

The MP-410 electric load can be used for continuous module performance evaluation of single PV modules up to 300W. Based on the advanced MPP tracking function, the PV module power will be automatically regulated and can be monitored when exposed to solar irradiance or a sun simulator. Compared to regular I-V tracers, the MP-410 can provide uninterrupted information about the maximum performance operating point of the module and is the best solution to rate a PV module under variable weather conditions. The output (I and V) can be independently measured, by using external shunt resistors in combination with an additional data-logger or measurement device.

The MP-410 can be used stand-alone or in combination with the MP-160 I-V tracer system. In combination with the MP-160 I-V tracer system, the PV module can be kept at the MPPT between two I-V measurements. In this case, the PV modules remain under load and can be tested under realistic field conditions. This way long-term performance and potential aging effects can be monitored at the module level.

Measurement range Voltage

5 – 200 V

Measurement range Current

0.01 – 10 A

Measurement range Power

0 – 300 W

Operating temperature range

0 – 40 °C

Power supply

100 – 240 VAC, 12V / 1A

Dimensions mm

323 (W) x 188 (D) x 51 (H)


2 kg

Ingress protection IP

Input channels #


Max. devices #