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MP-165 I-V Tracer

  • PV modules up to 3000W / 20A
  • Auto measurement schedule
  • Advanced PC control software and data analysis
  • Expand to 48 module and temperature channels

Make: Eko


Electronic Load Method I-V Curve Tracer MP-165 is a next generation I-V curve tracer which is capable of measuring a wide range of PV device characteristics from small to big capacity. It is capable of taking samplings of voltage, current, and solar irradiance at the same time; also it is simple to take measurements with an artificial light source (sequential illumination). Connecting the MP-165 to a computer by using an RS-232C connector, allows for the measured data to be graphically displayed.

The MP-165 I-V tracer is the optimum solution for testing individual solar cell or module characteristics in combination with a solar simulator or natural sunlight. It can be found in factory quality control applications or long-term performance assessment studies of modules exposed to natural conditions outdoors. The cell or module performance characteristics are determined by changing the electrical load during the I-V sweep. The radiant energy on the module energy can be measured simultaneously with the voltage and current measurements in order to calculate to Standard Test Conditions (STC) or equivalent standards.

Measurement range Voltage

0.05 – 400 V

Measurement range Current

0.005 – 20 A

Measurement range Power

0 – 3000 W

Voltage range

30V / 400V

Voltage resolution

0.05 µV (V)

Current range

3A / 20A

Current resolution

0.005 A

Sweep time

2 – 330 Sec


+/- 0.5 °C

Data points


Data storage Internal memory


Operating temperature range

0 – 40 °C



Power supply

100 – 240 VAC, 270W

Dimensions mm

450 (W) x 450 (D) x 199 (H)


15 kg

Ingress protection IP

Input channels #




Thermocouple T-Type


Thermocouple T-Type (20m)


Thermocouple T-Type (30m)