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MF-180 Heat flux sensor

  • Thin heatflux sensor
  • High sensitivity
  • Small size
  • Calibration complies with JIS A 1412

The MF-180 is a thin, sensitive, heat flux sensor. Small and easy to handle, the MF-180 is easy to attach to and detach from a range of surfaces. It can measure medium to low heat flux values, and is suitable for a range of applications; with a measurement range from -30 C֯ to 120 C֯.

Heat flux sensor is a thermopile, an electronic device that translates thermal energy into electrical voltage proportional to the temperature gradient across its thermocouples’ hot and cold junctions. To generate a high enough measurable voltage, heat flux sensors are equipped with multiple thermocouple junctions connected in series, distributed over the area of the sensor.

EKO Instruments offers a selection of thin substrate heat-flux sensors, in a range of different sizes and thicknesses; an ideal option for research and engineering applications as well as manufacturing control and monitoring processes.

Response time 95%

25 Sec.


Approx. 28 μV/W/m²

Thermal resistance

Approx. 0.01 °C/(W/m2)


150 – 550 Ω

Operating temperature range

-30 – 120 °C

Dimensions mm

40 (L) x 20 (W) x 0.9 (H)


0.0011 kg

Ingress protection IP





Cable length

10 m