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LPSILICON-PYRA04 Silicon Pyranometer

Make: Delta ohm                                      Model: LPSILICON-PYRA04
✅ The LPSILICON-PYRA04 is a high-precision, solar irradiance measuring pyranometer, with cosine correction, leveling device option and ISO9847 calibration suitable for solar energy research and meteorology.
✅ Measurand : Solar Radiation.
✅ Sensor Type : Silicon photodiode.
✅ Standards & Classifications: ISO 9060:2018 Class C.
✅ Signal Output : Analog (mV)
✅ Supplied with :  Fixed cable 5 m long, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates..

LPSILICON-PYRA04 Silicon Pyranometer:

The LPSILICON-PYRA04 is a high-precision pyranometer that uses a silicon photodiode to measure the global solar irradiance. It is equipped with a diffuser for cosine correction and has a spectral range of 400…1100 nm. This pyranometer is ideal for a wide range of applications, including solar energy research, meteorology, and other related fields.

The LPSILICON-PYRA04 has a typical sensitivity of 20 μV/Wm2 and a measuring range of 0…2000 W/m2, making it a reliable and accurate instrument for measuring solar irradiance. The diffuser for cosine correction is an important feature that ensures that the readings taken by the pyranometer are accurate, even when the sun is at low angles.

The LPSILICON-PYRA04 comes with a fixed cable that is 5m long and is terminated with open wires, making it easy to connect to your measuring system. The cable is long enough to allow for easy installation and positioning of the pyranometer, while still being short enough to minimize the risk of interference.

For added convenience, the LPSILICON-PYRA04 is also available with a base that includes a leveling device (LPSILICON-PYRA04BL). This base makes it easy to ensure that the pyranometer is level and properly aligned for accurate measurements. The leveling device is an important feature that helps to ensure that the pyranometer is correctly positioned and that the readings taken are accurate.

The LPSILICON-PYRA04 is easy to set up and install. It comes with an adapter that makes it easy to mount the pyranometer to any surface. The pyranometer is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures, making it a durable and reliable tool for professionals in the field. With its high precision, reliability, and diffuser for cosine correction, it’s an ideal tool for professionals in the field. The pyranometer can be calibrated with the international standards defined by ISO9847. The LPSILICON-PYRA04 is a reliable and accurate tool that is perfect for solar energy research, meteorology, and other related fields.

Application and features of LPSILICON-PYRA04 Silicon Pyranometer:



✅ PV monitoring
✅ Solar energy
✅ Meteorology
✅ Typical sensitivity: 20 μV/Wm2.
✅ Measuring range: 0…2000 W/m2
✅ Fixed cable 5m long, terminated with open wires.

Delta ohm




Analogue voltage

Measuring Range

0…2000 W/m2

Long-term Instability

<, ±2, % per year



Operating Conditions

-40 °C….+70 °C


20 µV/W/m2

Spectral Range

400…1100 nm

Response time (95%)

<0.5 s

Protection Level



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