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LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer

Make:  Delta Ohm    Model:  LPPIRG01..
✅ The pyrgeometer LPPIRG01 is used to measure the far infrared radiation (FIR).The pyrgeometer can be used also for the study of energy balance.
✅ Measurand: Far infrared radiation (FIR).
✅ Sensor Type: Thermopile sensor.
✅ Standards & Classifications: ISO 9060:2018
✅ Signal Output: Analog in µV/Wm-2 (LPPIRG01) , Digital RS485 Modbus-RTU (LPPIRG01S)
✅ Suppied With: 10 m cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer: (for Far Infrared Radiation)

The LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer is a highly advanced and reliable instrument used to measure far infrared radiation (FIR) in the meteorological field. With its ability to measure radiations with wavelength greater than 4.5 μm, it is an essential tool for understanding the energy balance of the atmosphere. Far infrared radiation is the main source of energy for the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere, and it plays a critical role in the Earth’s climate system.

The LPPIRG01 pyrgeometer measures far infrared radiation by using a thermopile output signal and by determining the temperature of the instrument. The thermopile is a sensor that converts the energy of the incident radiation into an electrical signal. The temperature measurement is performed by a 10kΩ NTC, which is located inside the body of the pyrgeometer. The NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor is a semiconductor device whose resistance decreases with increasing temperature. By measuring the resistance of the NTC thermistor, it is possible to determine the temperature of the instrument with high accuracy.

The LPPIRG01 pyrgeometer is designed to be highly accurate and reliable. It has a rugged and durable construction that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The instrument’s lens is made of silicon and it is coated with a solar-blind filter that blocks out the solar radiation, making it possible to measure the longwave radiation even during the day. The instrument also has a built-in sun shield that protects the sensor from direct sunlight and from the wind.

Not only does the LPPIRG01 pyrgeometer have applications in meteorology, but it can also be used for the study of energy balance. In such cases, it is necessary to have an additional pyrgeometer to measure infrared radiation upwards, along with an albedometer (LPPYRA05, LPPYRA06 or LPPYRA11) to measure short wavelengths radiation (<3μm). The albedometer is an instrument that measures the reflectance of the surface of the Earth, and it is used to determine the albedo, which is the ratio of the reflected radiation to the incoming radiation. By measuring the albedo, it is possible to determine the energy balance of the Earth’s surface.

The LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer is available in two versions: the Passive version and the version with RS485 Modbus-RTU output (LPPIRG01S). The passive version is a simple and straightforward instrument that requires no external power supply or data acquisition system. It can be used with a data logger or a computer to collect and process the data. The version with RS485 Modbus-RTU output is designed for remote monitoring and control applications. It can be connected to a data acquisition system or a computer via a RS485 Modbus-RTU interface, and it can be configured and controlled remotely.

With its high accuracy, reliability and versatility, the LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer is an essential instrument for researchers and scientists in the field of meteorology and energy balance. It is also an ideal instrument for monitoring and measuring the energy balance of the Earth’s surface in different environments and conditions, such as deserts, forests, urban areas and coastal zones.

Application and features of LPPIRG01 Pyrgeometer:



✅ Agricultural,
✅ Ecological
✅ Hydrological weather networks
✅ Meteorological research
✅ Study of energy balance
✅ Wavelength greater than 4.5 μm .
✅ Far infrared radiation measurment
✅ Factory calibrated and with a calibration report
✅ Protection degree IP 67

Delta ohm



Weight (Mass)

0.9 kg


Analog in μV/Wm-2 (LPPIRG01), Digital RS485 Modbus-RTU (LPPIRG01S)

Power Supply

5÷30 Vdc (LPPIRG01S)

Measuring Range

-300÷+300 W/m2

Non Linearity

<, ±1, %

Spectral Selectivity

<, ±5, %

Temperature Response

< 3 %

Field Of View


Operating Environment

-40 °C ÷ +80 °C

Response Time

< 28 s

Zero Offset B

Zero offset (type B) a) response to a 5 K/h change in ambiente temperature: <, ±4, W/m2


5-10 μV/(W/m2)


33 Ω ÷ 45 Ω


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