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HDWME – Microphone Outdoor Protection

Make: Delta Ohm                                      Model: HDWME
✅ The HDWME microphone unit is suitable for long lasting outdoor monitoring.
✅ Measurand : Air noise and noise from the ground
✅ Sensor Type : Microphone
✅ Signal Output : Digital.
✅ Supplied With : 5 m Cable,Windshield, Rainshield, Birdspikes, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

HDWME – Microphone Outdoor Protection:

HDWME, or High Definition Weatherproof Microphone Enclosure, is a protective device designed for outdoor microphone applications. It is designed to protect microphones from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and high winds, while still providing clear and accurate audio recordings.
The HDWME enclosure is made of durable, weather-resistant materials such as aluminum and plastic. It is designed to be weatherproof and to provide a barrier against wind, rain, and other environmental factors that can affect the performance of a microphone. The enclosure also features a foam windscreen that helps to reduce wind noise and other unwanted sounds.
One of the main benefits of using the HDWME is that it allows microphones to be placed in outdoor locations where they would otherwise be exposed to the elements. This can be particularly useful in outdoor recording applications such as field recording, wildlife monitoring, and weather forecasting.
The HDWME is also equipped with a built-in shock mount that helps to isolate the microphone from vibrations and other mechanical noise. This helps to ensure that the audio recordings are clear and free of unwanted noise.
Another advantage of the HDWME is that it can be easily mounted on a variety of surfaces, such as tripods, poles, or walls. This allows the microphone to be positioned in a variety of locations and orientations, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.
Overall, the HDWME is an essential tool for anyone who needs to use a microphone in outdoor environments. It is designed to protect the microphone from harsh weather conditions, while still providing clear and accurate audio recordings. With its durable construction, built-in shock mount, and easy mounting options, it is a versatile and reliable solution for outdoor microphone applications.

The HDWME microphone unit is suitable for long-lasting outdoor monitoring, even in a fixed, unattended location. The unit is adequately protected from rain and wind, and the heated preamplifier, together with the protective membrane coating of the microphone capsule, provides stability of acoustic parameters over time and allows you to make measurements over a wide range of environmental conditions.

The Delta OHM sound level meter preamplifier matched with the outdoor microphone unit is equipped with a circuit for the electrical calibration of the preamplifier-microphone chain, a technique that uses a charge distribution. The frequency response of the unit in an open field meets the specifications for class 1 according to IEC 61672 and IEC 60651 and was certified by INRIM (Certificate of Conformity No. 10-0126-02 of April 29, 2010).

The microphone unit HDWME must always be positioned vertically in order for the anti-rain to function properly, and it can detect noise from both the air and the ground. The Delta OHM sound level meters perform spectral corrections to the measurements to ensure tolerances in accordance with IEC 61672 Class 1 in every situation.

The ease of disassembly and reassembly of the unit allows for periodic testing of the electroacoustic characteristics the same way as a standard measurement microphone, using a standard calibrator for a 1⁄2″ microphone.

Application and features of HDWME – Microphone Outdoor Protection:



✅ Stationary and mobile noise control
✅ Long-term outdoor measurements
✅ Microphone protection from wind and rain
✅ Stainless birdspikes
✅ Heated preamplifier
✅ Frequency response according to IEC 61672:2002-5 (and IEC 60651:2001-10) and
ANSI S1.4:1983 class 1, both for airport and environmental noise
✅ Compatible with standard 1⁄2″ microphone sound calibrator

Delta ohm



Microphone MC21E


MC21E Type

½” standard condenser

MC21E Class


MC21E Polarization voltage


MC21E Frequency response

3.15 Hz – 20 kHz

MC21E Maximum sound pressure level (3% THD at 1kHz)

146 dB

MC21E Sensitivity

50 mV/Pa

Microphone UC52/1


UC52/1 Type

½” standard condenser

UC52/1 Class


UC52/1 Polarization voltage


UC52/1 Frequency response

20 Hz – 16 kHz

UC52/1 Sensitivity

22.5 mV/Pa

UC52/1 Maximum sound pressure level (3% THD at 1kHz)

146 dB

Microphone UC52


UC52 Type

½” standard condenser

UC52 Class


UC52 Polarization voltage


UC52 Frequency response

22.5 Hz – 10 kHz

UC52 Sensitivity

22.5 mV/Pa

UC52 Maximum sound pressure level (3% THD at 1kHz)

146 dB



Power supply

± 6V

Power consumption

5 mA


35 mA @ 6V

Output impedance

50 Ω


-25 … +70 °C

Relative humidity

< 100% without condensation

Dimensions (∅ x L) complete with birdspikes

90 x 470 mm


600 g

Thread for type MK microphone capsules

11.7 mm 60 UNS

Thread for type UC52 microphone capsules

M11.6 x 0.4

Thread for the support of the unit

M18 x 1, ½ W, ¼ W

Cable length

5 m (other lengths on request)


DIN 8-pole


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