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HD2011NMT – Noise Monitoring Station (Suitcase version)

Make:  Delta Ohm    Model:  HD2011NMT (Suitcase version)
✅ HD2011NMT is a remote control Noise Monitoring Station with meteo parameters acquisition.
✅ Measurand : Air noise and noise from the ground
✅ Sensor Type : Noise Sensor
✅ Signal Output : RS 485, MODBUS RTU
✅ Supplied With : Cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.
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HD2011NMT is a Station/Terminal for long-term monitoring of environmental noise, suitable for unattended, semi-permanent and permanent installations in external environment. Both air noise and noise from the ground can be analyzed. Measurements are performed by using a sound level meter complying with Class 1 or 2 specifications according to IEC 61672, that may include spectral and statistical analysis.

The sound measurements can optionally be matched with meteorological parameters (temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed). The RS485 interface with Master MODBUS RTU protocol (available only with the METEO option) allows connecting an external weather station.

Various models are available, either battery powered, allowing uninterrupted measurements up to 48 hours or 7 days, or powered by a photovoltaic panel or a 24 VDC source. The models powered by a photovoltaic panel or a 24 VDC source include a lead-acid rechargeable backup battery and a battery charger.

The power consumption of the station is optimized by powering the various components (sound level meter, modem, …) only when it is necessary to carry out the measurements or transmit the data, so as to considerably prolong the life of the battery.

The station can be remotely controlled via the “Monitor” module of the Noise Studio program. The program, installable on any PC with a Windows® operating system, allows you to configure all the measurement parameters and the data storage and displays the measurements in graphic and tabular form. Besides, the program can configure the station to provide a real-time view of the measurements.

The internal 3G modem has the task to transfer the measurements from the internal memory to the Cloud. Each station has sufficient storage space for a session duration of at least one week. If more storage space is needed, the user can purchase additional storage space on the Meteoxperts Storage Server or use an FTP server of his choice. The client/server configuration of the station allows managing noise monitoring terminal networks using the “Monitor” module of Noise Studio software.

Alarm e-mails can be sent to up 4 recipients when the set measuring thresholds are exceeded, when the battery charge level is becoming low or when the storage space is becoming full. A potential-free contact isolated alarm output is available. The station can be provided with IP 65 box equipped with key lock or IP 67 suitcase with pressure equalization valve and closure for padlock.



✅ Monitoring of Road Traffic Noise
✅ Monitoring of Railway Traffic Noise
✅ Airport Noise
✅ Wind Turbine Noise
✅ Construption Site Noise
✅ Industrial Plant Noise
✅ City Noise Mapping

Versions Available:

✅ Permanent (BOX VERSION);
✅ Semi-permanent (BOX VERSION);
✅ Portable installations (SUITCASE VERSION).

✅ Easy terminal installation and startup
✅ Type approved Class1 or Class2 IEC 61672 noise measurements
✅ Real time spectral analysis according to IEC 61260
✅ Continuous and scheduled acquisitions
✅ Very fast measurement with acquisition down to 1/32 sec
✅ Advanced trigger and alarm function on noise events and meteo data
✅ Local alarm (relais activation) based on noise and/or meteo data exceedences
✅ Automatic status email notification: battery, storage calibration deviation, triggers and alarms
✅ Real time data streaming capabilities

Delta ohm


HD2011NMT(Suitcase version)


Short term

Precision class

cl.1 or cl.2* (IEC61672)


Leq, Lp, LN, Lpk


1/3 oct. up to 20KHz*

Statistical analysis

Percentile levels and/or full statistics

Logging Resolution

From 1/32s* up to 1h

Automatic calibration

CIC 104dB 1KHz


GPS module*



Data Storage

Meteoxperts FTP or user FTP

Enclosure Protection

IP 67

Exceedance Alarms




Battery operation

48h or 7days

Solar panel operation



550x420x260 mm (trolley type)

Management software

NS4 “monitor”

Analysis software

NS2A and NS5

Microphone Mast

Up to 4 mt height


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