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Thies First Class Advanced X Anemometer: 4.3352.10.400 – unheated

Make:  Thies Clima    Model:  4.3352.10.400 – unheated
✅ The wind transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal component of the wind velocity in the field of meteorology and environmental measuring technology.
✅ Measurand : Wind velocity
✅ Sensor Type : Cup Anemometer
✅ Signal Output : RS485, Frequency output, ASCII (THIES format) and Binary (MODBUS-RTU).
✅ Supplied With : Connection plug, Instructions for use, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

The wind transmitter is intended for use in the wind energy, meteorology and environmental measuring technology. Primarily developed for position evaluation and measurement of power curves of wind turbines, the anemometer gathers the following measured variables: Horizontal component of the wind velocity, Absolute and relative air pressure, Inclination angle between the Z-axis and the vertical, Inclination angle between the X-axis and the horizontal, Inclination angle between the Y-axis and the horizontal, Frequency and acceleration in the X-, Y- and Z-axis, Housing interior temperature.

Further characteristics include a defined and optimized dynamic behavior even at highly intense turbulences, minimal over speeding, a low starting value and an optimized oblique inflow behavior.
An integrated compensation of the effect of the air density on the rotation velocity of the cup star distinguishes this sensor especially in its characteristics. There is a digital interface to the device in form of an RS485 interface in half-duplex mode. Together with the ID-based communication, the interface enables the operation of the wind transmitter in a bus. Two data protocols are available:

  • ASCII (THIES format).
  • Binary (MODBUS-RTU).

Thies Clima


4.3352.10.400 – unheated

Weight (Mass)

approx. 0.5kg


290 × 240 mm


Type : open-drain or push-pull
Form : rectangle
Frequency : 1082Hz @ 50m/s without using calibration data
Amplitude : corresponds to supply voltage, max. 15V
Load : Ra > 1 kΩ (Push-pull output with 200Ω in series), Approx. <200nF (corresponds to a cable length ~ 1km)

Power Supply

Electric supply for electronic :
Voltage: 3.7 … 42V DC (galvanically separated from the housing)
Current: 40mA typ. 100mA max. (with heating pressure sensor on) approx. 3.3mA in power saving mode SM1, HT0

Operating Environment

Admissible environmental conditions : -40 … +80°C/ 0 … 100% relative humidity, including condensation

Protection Level

IP 55 (DIN 40050)

Standerd / Regulation

IEC 61400-12-1

Mast Diameter

Mounting on mast :
Outer diameter : ≤ 34mm
Inner diameter : ≥ 22mm
Note: mounting on mast is possible with separate adapter (option).

Wind Speed

Measurement range: 0.3 … 75m/s
Resolution: 0.05m wind travel
Measurement uncertainty ±1% from the measured value or < ±0,2m/s @ 0,3 … 50m/s


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