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Temperature Sensor Galltec+mela TPC1.S/x-ME

Make:  Thies Clima    Model:  Galltec+mela TPC1.S/x-ME
✅ It measure temperature with high precision in air and other non-aggressive gases.
✅ Measurand : Temperature.
✅ Sensor Type : Temperature probe
✅ Signal Output :  Analog (0…1 V)
✅ Supplied With : Coupling plug ,Connection cable 5.0 m , Factory test/ Calibration Certificates

Mela®-humidity/-temperature sensors in the PC.S and PC.S-ME series are compact sensors in a rod-type design with plug-in connection to measure temperature  with high precision in air and other non-aggressive gases. They can be used for a wide range of applications.

The scope of delivery includes the coupling plug without a cable. All the sensors in the series are equipped with a ZE 17-type gauze filter (resp. ZE 20 membrane filter for -ME design). We recommend that you use the version with the ZE 21/22 ¹) type sintered high-grade steel filter at high wind speeds or if the sensor is exposed to salt mist, sand or dust (near the sea, industrial estates etc.).


Thies Clima


Galltec+mela TPC1.S/x-ME

General Specification



Approx. 81 g


Analog (0…1 V)

Power Consumption

0…10V, 2x 0…1V , approx. 5mA, 0…1V , < 1mA

Operating Environment


Protection Level

Degree of protection sensor/electronic : IP30/IP65
Degree of protection coupling : IP40
Degree of protection coupling in -ME design : IP67


Measuring range : -27 … 80 °C
Accuracy: ±0.2° K


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