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MT-052-T Temperature sensors

  • Accurate measurement
  • T-type thermocouple temperature sensor
  • Outstanding durability
  • Natural ventilation which requires no power supply
  • Great cost performance

The MT-052-T temperature sensor with Radiation Shield has an integrated T-type thermocouple (copper-constantan) sensor. It is designed to measure air temperature under all environmental conditions.

The radiation shield consists of 10 plastic plates and a metal mounting arm with clamp to mount to any pole. The passive shield is shaped to allow natural air convection around the sensor while it is minimizing direct exposure to sunlight from all directions, so the air temperature inside the shield is a good representation of the outside air. The shield also provides protection from rain.

A variety of cable lengths is available to encompass most application requirements and simplify wiring sensors.

Operating temperature range

0 – 60 °C


+/- 0.15 °C

Sensor unit

T-type thermocouple, 2 wire

Dimensions mm

130 x 260