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EKO MS-60S Smart Pyranometer


Make: Eko                                      Model: MS-60S
✅ Designed for agricultural research, meteorological applications and small to medium scale solar plants, It is most accurate, reliable and robust family of pyranometers in the world.
✅ Measurand : Solar Radiation
✅ Sensor Type : Thermopile
✅ Standards & Classifications: ISO 9060:2018 Class B
✅ Signal Output : RS 485 MODBUS  RTU Or SDI-12.
✅ Supplied With : 10m cable (Optional cable lengths 20m, 30m, 50m), Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

EKO MS-60S Smart Pyranometer:

The S-series MS-60S ISO 9060:2018 Class B Pyranometer is a top-of-the-line solution for agricultural research, meteorological applications, and small to medium-scale solar plants. This device is part of the most accurate, reliable, and robust family of pyranometers in the world and is guaranteed to deliver precise and consistent measurements.

Built with the same industry-leading features as the Class A MS-80S, the MS-60S is equipped with EKO’s unique 4-channel smart interface. This feature allows for compatibility with 99% of data loggers, DAQ, and SCADA systems, which ensures that you can easily integrate this device into your existing systems. Additionally, the device comes with internal diagnostic sensors that allow for remote visibility over internal temperature, humidity, tilt, and roll angle. This ensures that the device is always operating at its optimum performance, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the MS-60S is spectrally flat and features a new double-dome construction that minimizes offsets and cosine errors. This ensures that the device delivers accurate and reliable measurements. Additionally, the device is manufactured with strict quality controls and performance standards, which ensures that it meets the highest standards of accuracy and durability.

EKO provides a unique calibration that complies with the international standards defined by ISO 17025 and IEC 9847. This ensures that the MS-60S is able to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, even in challenging environments. With this unique calibration, you can trust that the MS-60S will provide you with consistent and precise measurements.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the MS-60S also comes with a 5-year warranty, which is a testament to its durability and longevity. Additionally, it has advanced surge protection, it will be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The MS-60S is an ideal choice for those who want the latest technology, combined with the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Application and features of EKO MS-60S Smart Pyranometer



✅ Agricultural research
✅ Meteorological applications
✅ Small to medium-scale solar plants
✅ 5-year warranty & recommended 2-year recalibration interval
✅ Smart 4-channel Analogue & Digital Interface
✅ Level A EMI/EMC electronics surge filter & protection
✅ Internal Diagnostics for temperature, tilt, roll, and humidity

Eko (Japan)




ISO 9060:2018: Class B,ISO 9060:1990: First Class ,Spectrally flat, Fast response


(MODBUS 485 RTU, SDI-12, 4-20mA, configurable 0-10mA / 0-1V with external optional 100Ω precision shunt resistor)

Response time 95%

< 18 Sec.

Zero off-set a) 200W/m²

+/- 5 W/m²

Zero off-set b) 5K/hr

+/- 2 W/m²

Complete zero off-set c)

+/- 7 W/m²

Long-term instability

Non-stability change/1 years: +/- 1.5 %


Non-linearity at 1000W/m²: +/- 1 %

Spectral Error

Spectral Error (Spectral selectivity ± 3%): +/- 0.2 %

Temperature Response

Temperature response -20°C to 50°C: +/- 4 %

Tilt Response

Tilt Response (0-90°, 1000W/m²): ± 1%

Spectral Range

285 to 3000 (nm) (50% points)

Measuring Range

0 to 2000(W/m²)

Operating Conditions

-40 to +80°C

Power Supply

5 – 30 VDC

Power Consumption

< 0.2 W

Protection Level

IP 67

Cable Length

10m (Optional lengths 20m, 30m, 50m)

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