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MeteoWind®2-Wind Sensor

Make: Barani design                                      Model: MeteoWind® 2
✅ Anemometer with a wind vane. Exceeds WMO and MEASNET Class 1 accuracy standards for meteorology & wind resource assessment.
✅ Measurand : Wind Speed , Wind Direction
✅ Sensor Type : Cup anemometer for wind speed, Vane for wind direction.
✅ Signal Output: RS-485 with Modbus RTU & ASCII
✅ Supplied With: 5m Cable, Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

MeteoWind®2-Wind Sensor:

A wind vane-equipped anemometer surpasses Class 1 accuracy requirements for meteorology and wind resource assessment set out by the WMO and MEASNET. With inbuilt triple-layer lightning and surge protection for dependable operation, the overall power consumption is exceptionally low (4 mA). It has been demonstrated that protected oversize bearings with excellent weather and dirt resistance may offer long-term measurement stability and dependability in soiled and dusty situations.

Serviceable bearing & cups with high dirt resistance

  • Serviceability of rotor bearings, anemometer cups, and wind vane
  • Strength is provided by a specially designed double-arm reinforced cup with oversized bearings.
  • highest level of 3-stage lightning, EMC, surge, and ESD protection
  • Industry standard RS-485 output
  • Simple and robust MODBUS, RTU, and ASCII communication protocols are user selectable.
  • Long-term tested dirt resistance in highly dusty environments with salt spray
  • All models feature a weather-proof locking bayonet connector.

Dual arm reinforced cup design for all-weather reliability

  • WMO and MEASNET conforming to wind speed and direction
  • 10 Hz sampling rate to accurately capture wind gusts.
  • Fast response and minimal over-speeding for accurate
  • wind gust measurement.
  • robust two-arm reinforced rotor cup design
  • Special flat elliptical cups provide excellent snow shedding and hail resistance.
  • all-metal, replaceable wind direction vane.
  • strong all-metal anodized aluminum body

Heated anemometer with wind vane 20 Watts of heat for all weather reliability

  • A built-in dual heater distributes heat where it is needed most.
  • A heater can be controlled manually from a data logger or automatically based on anemometer temperature or anemometer temperature and wind speed.
  • safe operation from a 5V up to a 24V DC power source.
  • Heater output can be controlled by input voltage.
  • 20W at 24V for dependable all-weather deicing
  • For solar-powered AWOS/AWS weather stations, 5W at 12V with user selectable automatic or manual control.
  • Even without heating, the patented flat elliptic cup design provides excellent winter snow shedding.

Application and features of MeteoWind®2-Wind Sensor:



✅ Wind energy assessment
✅ Weather stations (AWOS)
✅ Industrial & dispersion monitoring
✅ Road weather stations
✅ Airport and Heliport weather monitoring systems
✅ Meteorological stations
✅ Rugged all-metal anodized aluminum housing and metal wind vane
✅ Tough fiber reinforced cups from FRP material
✅ Oversize ball bearings for long life, dirt resistance and durability
✅ Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum body
✅ Bayonet locking waterproof connector with Silicone O-rings for operation in low -40 °C and high -80 °C temperatures
✅ Versatile sensor communication interface.

Barani Design



Weight (Mass)

Aprox. 300g (without stainless steel mount)


Anemometer rotor diameter = Ø164mm, Wind vane radius =136mm, Total height = 320mm


Signal output & Communication protocal: RS-485 with Modbus RTU & ASCII

Power Supply

5…24VDC with inrush protection & reverse polarity protection

Power Consumption

2.6mA @12V (combined wind speed & direction at 10Hz sampling including RS-485 coms)

Operating Environment

-40°C to +80°C/ 0% to 100% RH

Protection Level

IP55W (DIN 40050)

Patented / Registered

OHIM 002153882-0001, 002153882-0002, 002153882-0003

Wind Speed

Range: 0-80 m/s gust
Accuracy: < 1% of measured value (0.3 – 50 m/s) or < ±0.2 m/s ,±0.05m/s (4-16m/s) with MEASNET CALIBRATION
Resolution: 0.1 m/s
Sampling rate: 10Hz @ 3 pulses per revolution

Wind Direction

Range: 0-360°
Accuracy: 2° (no dead-spot)
Resolution: 1°
Sampling rate: 10Hz

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