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MeteoPressure MSB181

Make:  Barani design    Model:  MSB181
✅ Digital output.
✅ Temperature compensated output.
✅ ±0.3 hPa accuracy.
✅ Long-term stability ±0.2 hPa / year.
✅ Affordable WMO accuracy Barometric Pressure Sensor.

Precision barometric pressure sensor designed for meteorological weather station applications which require accurate & reliable measurement with good longterm stability. Temperature compensated output ensures accurate pressure sensing even in extreme environments.
Available with SDI-12, RS-485, RS-232 or analog 0 to 2.5 V output and factory calibration certificate.


Barani design



General Specification


Weight (Mass)

aprox. 135g (without mating connector and cable)


RS-485 also available: 0-2.5V, RS232, SDI-12)

Power Supply

6…15VDC (startup in-rush <200mA for 5ms

Power Consumption

7mA at 12V (including 1/sec RS485 communication)


±0.3 hPa (600 …1100 hPa)

Operating Environment

Operating temperature & humidity range : -40°C to +60°C, 0% to 95%RH
Operating Pressure range : 0 ..1500 hPa (0 to 1.5 atm)

Protection Level

IP53W (DIN 40050)
Available in IP66 upon request