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LPPYRHE16… Series – Class B Pyrheliometers

Make:  Delta Ohm    Model:  LPPYRHE16
✅ The pyrheliometer LPPYRHE16 measure the direct solar irradiance.It is useful in scientific meteorological and climate observations
✅ Measurand: Direct Solar Irradiance
✅ Sensor Type: Thermopile
✅ Standards & Classifications: ISO 9060:2018 Class B
✅ Signal Output: Analog (4…20mA ) or Digital, RS485 MODBUS-RTU
✅ Supplied With: Light shield, cartridge for silica-gel crystals, 3 spare sachets, M12 4-pole connector and Factory test/ Calibration Certificates.

The pyrheliometer LPPYRHE16 ( Class B Pyrheliometer according to ISO 9060:2018 classification) is an instrument for direct measurement of solar irradiance (Watt/m²). The receiving surface must be positioned (via a solar tracker or else) perpendicularly to sun’s rays. The use of apposite diaphragms allows only direct light to hit the surface of the sensor. According to WMO and ISO 9060:2018 regulations, the pyrheliometer has a field of view of 5°.

The pyrheliometer is produced in four versions:

  • LPPYRHE16 – passive;
  • LPPYRHE16AC – active with corrent output 4…20 mA;
  • LPPYRHE16ACS – 4…20mA current output (integrated amplifier-transmitter) and RS485 serial output with MODBUS-RTU protocol;
  • LPPYHRE16AV – active with voltage output 0…1 V, 0…5 V or 0…10 V;
  • LPPYRHE16S – active with RS485 serial output with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

The pyreliometer is supplied factory-calibrated and with a calibration report and complete with hood, cartridge for silica-gel crystals, 3 refills, 4-pin M12 flying connector.


Delta ohm



Weight (Mass)

1.5 kg approx


Depending on the model:
– Analog in µV/Wm-2
– Analog 4…20 mA
– Analog 0…1 V, 0…5 V or 0…10 V
– Double ouput: analog 4…20 mA + digital
RS485 Modus-RTU
– Digital RS485 Modbus-RTU

Power Supply

10…30 Vdc (for 4…20 mA, 0…1 V and 0…5 V outputs)
15…30 Vdc (for 0…10 V output)
5…30 Vdc (for RS485 Modbus-RTU output)

Measuring Range

0…2000 W/m²

Operating Environment

-40…80 °C / 0…100 %RH

Spectral Range

Spectral range (50%): 200…4000 nm

Spectral Error

<, ±0.8, %

Temperature Response

<, ±2, % (-10…+40 °C)

Response Time 95%

< 9 s


5…50 Ω


<, ±0.5, %

Tilt response

<, ±0.5, %


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